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AJE Component of the month reveal – May

Another month and another COM reveal is ready.. it’s going to be Christmas at this rate!

This month we were treated to a choice of beautiful components from Sue Kennedy of SueBeads

We could pick a glass cabochon…

Or a pretty set of glass chicklet beads…

I went for a cabochon in a stunning brown caramel glass with a tint of purple. Of course I forgot to take a photograph as I do every month!

When I picked it, I imagined it set in copper with etching, something in purple to bring out the hints of colour in the glass and a rolled bail.

I tried a different technique for resist on this piece. I use stop out fluid quite often for painting designs on to copper, but with this piece I tried stamping the design on. It’s not quite as sharp as using vinyl resist, but I like the grainy effect it’s given this pattern.

I took some sheet copper and etched it on both sides. That way, when the bail at the top was rolled around, the etching would show.
And the reverse would be patterned as well
The cabochon was set along with an amethyst, and it was strung on to leather with copper beads.
I used the clasp I had left over from Lesley’s COM last month to finish it. 
I had loads of fun designing this, and it was great to get back to some metal working. Thanks to Susan for the wonderfully inspiring component!
If you’d like to see what the rest of the AJE team and some special guests created with their components… follow the links!


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14 thoughts on “AJE Component of the month reveal – May

  1. WOW, is the only thing I can say about this! What a vision you had for the cab – I’m so impressed with the copper etching piece and the amethyst goes perfectly with it! Thanks so much for playing this month and making such an awesome piece of jewelry!

  2. Cabs for the win! I was so tempted to tab set mine. I love Love love the subtle texture/design on the copper. The amethyst is a perfect partner.

  3. This is phenomenal, Caroline!! I LOVE this. Love the rich burnished copper (and the gorgeous floral etching) with both the caramel brown and amethyst. You’ve really made the cab the star of the show! I love the medieval feel of the whole design, but with the fun 60s-flavored flower in the middle. This makes me want to make bezels RIGHT NOW. I love how you dotted the spacers on the cording. Bravo!! This is so inspiring.

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