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AJE – November component of the month reveal

This month it’s Kristen Steven’s turn to provide the COM component. Kristen’s beaded beads and jewellery designs are gorgeous and you can find them here, including the very lovely beads I was given along with the challenge of creating something with them.


Here’s what I received…



Well, they’re not exactly these ones as I got so excited once the inspiration struck that I completely forgot to take a picture so I pinched this one from Kristen’s shop (sorry Kristen! 😉 ) But they are the same gorgeous colour of seed beads.

And here’s what I did with them…

blueberribeads com reveal Nov 01


The bangle hoop is made from copper tubing wrapped with copper wire and treated with Liver of Sulphur to darken the colour.

blueberribeads com reveal Nov

I attached Kristen’s beaded beads along with some of my own porcelain rounds with more copper wire. I was going to treat the wire with LOS again, but I quite like the contrast between the bright and dark. I’m really pleased with how this finally worked out and am definitely going to explore some more ideas using the spiral base!

Great big thanks to Kristen for her lovely component, please visit her and everyone else through the AJE Blog to see what other fabulous creations have been created!



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  1. This is just so much fun, I really love it!! Your photos are great too, I pinned this bracelet but had a tough time picking which photo to use.

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