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AJE – October component of the month

Another month has flown by and it’s time for the Art Jewelry Elements component of the month reveal! This month’s component is by Kristi Bowman- Gruel, and it’s a stunner… in fact they all are!


These beautiful pieces are individually created from copper clay with differently placed designs and unique patina treatments on each. They really are one of a kind and I was thrilled to bits when I saw that I’d get one to play with! I thought for ages over what to do with it, I wanted something that wouldn’t distract from it’s gorgeousness.


This is the component I received.. Mmmmmm!

 cuff 01

Initially, I thought I thought it would look fabulous as a hammered cuff with curved edges to fit the curve of the component, but quickly realised I had no idea how to do that, so sticking with what I know, I went for some etching. I painted stop out fluid on the copper in a spiral design to match the component, etched and coloured it.

cuff 02

Rooting through my stash, I found some bits that matched the colours and brought out the lovely patina and added in some copper, shot silk and leather.

cuff 03


Once all the individual pieces were finished, I glued the silk to the leather, riveted the component to the copper and glued all the pieces together.


I love how all the colours compliment each other, but the beautiful component is still the main attraction!

 cuff 04

cuff 05

Big thank you to Kristi for the chance to play with one of her gorgeous components! I hope I’ve done it justice!

If you want to see some more of her gorgeous creations, take a look at her shop here

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13 thoughts on “AJE – October component of the month

  1. Boy I’ll say you did it justice!! That is super creative and awesome!!!! The etched piece is so cool and all the layers coming together to make such an amazing finished piece. I love it!!! Thanks so much for participating!

  2. Yikes! Gorgeous. I wanted to do a leather cuff and rivet the copper to the leather. This takes that original idea I had ( great minds and all that) and dials it up to 11. Just formed on a bracelet mandrel after riveting? Awesome.

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