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Autumn Design Challenge Reveal

Well it would seem that my blog posts are like buses… nothing for ages, then two come along at once! Dare I say, I might be seeing a bit of organisation happening?

Today’s post is the big reveal for the Blueberribeads/TheaToo Autumn design challenge.  I’m still stupidly excited to be hosting a hop along with my lovely friend Lesley, and can’t wait to set off visiting everyone to see what other people have created with our beads and bronze.

So, quick recap and then I’ll show piccies of my makes…

challenge3 challenge1



These are the sets that were sent out to the participants with the challenge of creating something fabulous with an Autumn theme. I was thrilled when Lesley sent me these pics by how perfectly the ceramic and bronze worked together.

I chose the beads I was going to use from my stash and set about coming up with my designs. Nothing really jumped out at me, but last weekend, I had a flash of inspiration and got making, so this is what I came up with, I hope I’ve done Lesley’s beautiful components justice!


The first component of Lesley’s that I chose was one of her coloured bracelet bars. I teamed this up with a pewter heart, cog, melon, bird and a couple of rounds of my own, a melon from Gaea, and a bobbly round from Suburban Girl Studio. I’ve had those two in my stash for ever and was reluctant to part with them, but they matched in with the palette perfectly. I used patinated copper wire for the wraps and bronze for a hook making the bar into a clasp.

Next up, I chose a snowflake disc from Lesley… it can snow in Autumn!


When I first started out properly crafting, I made dreamcatchers, so I though it would be nice to recreate one as a piece of jewellery. I wrapped the snowflake with the dark copper wire to make some eyes for hanging, and dangled one of my black clay feathers and lustred rounds with Czech beads. The pendant is hung from some beautiful hand dyed silk cord from the lovely Diane at Sowzere.

And finally, because I was on a roll… I made a cuff.


I’d been eyeing up this gorgeous enamelled pendant for ages, but didn’t really want to make another necklace, so after some very careful drilling, I managed to get a hole on the opposite side to turn it into a focal for this cuff.


I found these gorgeous Autumn shade super duo beads on my last visit to The Bead Shop Liverpool, I love how they fit together, they’re really slinky! The raggy ribbon is again from Sowzere and these were all attached to a piece of leather with some ribbon crimps.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lesley for teaming up with me for this hop, I’m sure you’ll agree, her components are stunning! And thank you to everyone who joined in with us!

To see what everyone else has made, here are the links… I’ve got my coffee and I’m off for a browse!

20 thoughts on “Autumn Design Challenge Reveal

  1. Nice work Caroline! All great pieces but I particulalry love the dreamcatcher necklace very original and Il ove the richnes of the second bracelet – I though that was an antique watch strap at first glance…Thanks for hosting with me and creating such lovely designs.

  2. Well done! I love the cuff that you made. Those beads were a lucky find. It is very cool how they line up. The focal is spectacular with them.

  3. How gorgeous!!! I love each piece for different reasons, but the first bracelet just rocks me – how beautiful is that? The combinations!!!! And your leather cuff – I have never seen one put together this way, and the stitching with the wire and the fabric – perfect offset of all the textures and a gorgeous use of color. Your things are always amazing!!!

  4. Lovely pieces all, but that cuff is fantastic!!! The pink just really makes the whole thing pop. I love love love it! I’ve had so much fun participating in this challenge. Thanks for having me 🙂

  5. Three so different pieces, but all beautiful! I love the bracelet with all of its shades, the dreamcatcher necklace is so particular and pretty and the cuff is so special! I really like how you combined all the different materials in one piece!
    Thank you for the opportunity to play with your ceramic beads – this challenge was a real fun!!

  6. Caroline, love love love the pieces you made. The first bracelet is a lovely harmony of all my favorite colours. Very clever how you wrapped the bead. The dreamcatcher necklace is fab. Very tribal. And the statement bracelet, oh my….so pretty. Love how you put it together.

    Thank you so much for this challenge and hosting the blog hop, together with Lesley!!

  7. All so beautiful and unique I can’t pick a favourite but the cuff is something I would never have dreamt of and so drew a particularly large wow from me!

  8. What fabulous creations!! I love how you turned the snowflake pendant into a dream catcher, and the bright colors of your cuff are fantastic.

    Thank you both for hosting this blog hop and sharing your beads so we could play.

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