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Beady Eyed Bunny History Hop Reveal

I came across a link for this blog hop on the last day of signups and knew I had to join in! I love a challenge, and I also loved the subject!

Each participant had to choose a style of jewellery to take their inspiration from the following list…

Indus Valley Civilization 
English Romanticism & Mourning Jewelry
Art Nouveau
Early Russian 
Moche of Peru
Native American
M?ori (New Zealand)

Leah, the lovely lady organising the hop, gave us some great styles to chose from, but I knew as soon as I read through the list that my choice would be Art Nouveau! I fell in love with the style years ago when I found a picture of this brooch by Rene Lalique on the internet…

lalique 02

The detail in it is incredible!  Unfortunately, I lack the skills, or the cash to create such a masterpiece, but I tried to use the skills I do have to create something inspired by this.

So it began with one of my porcelain faces, I played around with ideas and decided on setting it with copper wings, a bit ambitious, but there are always 2 chances!

I came up with an initial sketch which was filled with set cabochons, dangly bits and anything else I felt like I could fit on there, but eventually narrowed it down to quite a simple design. Then, my OH, struck with inspiration suggested using leaves for the wings… Brilliant! All my going on about jewellery has finally started to rub off on him 😉 So I set about raiding the garden for suitable leaves which I could electroform to create the wings.

These were glued on to some wire ready for forming and a few days later, were pure copper and ready for setting on to the main piece.

art 01


These are from a beautiful Rhododendron we have which is just about to burst in to bloom! I hope it won’t miss them!

Once formed, they were soldered on to a piece of copper cut for the backing along with some prongs for holding the face and a couple of antennae. The antennae were topped with half drilled Mother of pearls and the dangle is a pale blue topaz. I patinated the whole thing to pick up the detail in the leaves, but decided I liked the finish, so rather than polish it up, I just sealed it  to keep the lovely dark colour. I have yet to decide on what to do with the chain part, but the blue silk ribbon will do for now until I make a decision!

art 02

art 03


Unfortunately, I got my scale a bit wrong and the whole thing is huge! But I’ve enjoyed the process and have lots of ideas to develop this design in to something a little more wearable!

Thank you to Leah for organising such a brilliantly themed hop, be sure to check out her blog and the rest of the participants in the links below!

Have a great weekend!


Caroline x


Leah Curtis – Indus Valley –
Laney Mead – M?ori –
Becca – Art Nouveau –
Melissa – English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry –
Tracy Stillman – Native American –
Gerda – English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry –
Liz E – Native North American –
Ahowin – M?ori (New Zealand)  – 
Jasvanti – Indus Valley –
Lizzie – Art Nouveau – 
Julia Hay – Merovingian –
Dini – Celtic –
Caroline – Art Nouveau – 
Charlie – Moche of Peru – 
Karin – China –
Niky Sayers – Rome – 
Marcia Dunne – Celctic and Mourning Jewelry –
anafiassa – Mesopotamia –
Kokopelli – Native American –
Christa – Native American –
Clair – Roman –
Susan Bowie – Native American –
Gloria Allen – English Romanticism –
Sheila Garrett – Early Russia –

16 thoughts on “Beady Eyed Bunny History Hop Reveal

  1. Absolutely stunning Caroline! unique and original…I’m very impresses. I’m sure you could give Lalique a run for his money if you had the time to spend on one piece!

  2. Wow, I’m in awe, Caroline! How in the world did you make those leaves? It’s perfect! Thank you for joining in the hop.

  3. This is such a beautiful piece. I love that you actually used real leaves as the basis for the wings. Truly incorporating the Art Nouveau theme of nature!

  4. Thanks Lesley… I don’t know about time, it’s more the patience I’m lacking 😉 I have plans for developing this style though 🙂

    Thanks Leah, the leaves are electroformed, it’s like electroplating, but you build up a thicker covering of copper on whatever you’re using.

    Thank you Lizzie, appreciate your lovely comments 😀 x

  5. Your Rhododendron was glad to give a few leaves for art. It’s hard to get a sence of scale but if the piece is really too big for a necklace turn it into a wall piece. Your porcelaine face is gorgeous, very fairie like. Great stuff, I really enjoyed your post.

  6. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! I’ve had a great time visiting all of the blogs today and have learned lots! Loved every minute of the whole thing.. thank you x

  7. I love, love, love how you’ve interpreted Rene Lalique’s artwork (he is possibly my favourite artist) and have incorporated natural materials. You’re such a clever clogs!

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