AJE Component of the Month – July

Another month has flown by and it’s COM reveal day!

Things are getting slightly more organised in the new studio and I’m enjoying getting back to making.

This month, we were treated to a beautiful dichroic glass cabochon from Francesca Watson.

Just look at all of those beauties! There’s something about dichroic glass that really gets me so I jumped at the chance to play.

Francesca works in a range of mediums and her work is stunning… check it out here http://francescawatson.com

This is the cab I chose… I remembered to take a picture!!!!

So I got to work on sketching out some ideas. The cab is larger than anything I have worked with before, and everything I came up with as a pendant design seemed too big. So I decided to make a brooch. I cut some porcelain flowers and fired them unglazed, made some silver headpins and dug out my box of seed beads.

I glued the cab on to some stiff stuff and bezelled around it with size 11 & 15 seeds in green.

Once the beadwork was finished, I put the flowers on the headpins, folded the tops so that they were secure and formed a loop on the opposite end for securing them to the brooch. They were sewn in and a brooch fitting glued on. The back was finished with some ultra suede.

I’ve had great fun working with my cab and would like to say a big thank you to Francesca for her beautiful component!

If you’d like to see what the rest of the team and guests have made… follow the links ūüôā

Guest Designers
Toltec Jewels – www.JewelSchoolFriends.com
Carol Briody – cbriody.blogspot.com
The AJE Team
Caroline Dewison – blueberribeads.blogspot.co.uk
Susan Kennedy – www.suebeads.blogspot.com
Melissa Meman – melissameman.blogspot.com
Jenny Davies-Reazor – www.jdaviesreazor.com/blog

Francesca Watson – www.francescawatson.com

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AJE Component of the Month – June

Here we are again, another month has flown by. I’ve not had much time for making recently as we’re doing a lot of work around the house and garden, which means most of my supplies have been put in to storage.

This month, I managed to retrieve a few bits and bobs to create something with my beautiful Art Jewelry Elements COM from Linda Landig.

Linda has recently jumped in to the addictive world of ceramics and produced her first clay components. As well as her ceramics, Linda also creates beautiful jewellery and you can find her work here –¬†LindaLandigJewelry

Here are some of the components we chose from…

I picked this beautiful rose pink and blue floral pendant to design with. (I’m not explaining myself for forgetting to photograph them before I start any more… you’re probably used to it by now!)

I was limited to what I could get to to create my design, but I found seed beads, Czech glass and crimp wire and put them together to create a simple but pretty necklace.

The leaves and flowers fell together on my mat and I loved how they looked, so started with that as the base for the design.

The beaded berries are made from magatama drops and seed beads.

I would have preferred an antique bronze clasp on the necklace, and bronze wire for the pendant (which I will swap over when I get my supplies back) But for now it has a brushed steel toggle and silver wire.

I’d like to say a great big thank you to Linda for her beautiful component, I’ve had great fun designing with it, and I’ve also found that limiting yourself can be a good exercise!

If you’d like to see what the rest of the team received and what they created, click on the links…


AJE Members
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AJE Component of the month reveal – May

Another month and another COM reveal is ready.. it’s going to be Christmas at this rate!

This month we were treated to a choice of beautiful components from Sue Kennedy of SueBeads

We could pick a glass cabochon…

Or a pretty set of glass chicklet beads…

I went for a cabochon in a stunning brown caramel glass with a tint of purple. Of course I forgot to take a photograph as I do every month!

When I picked it, I imagined it set in copper with etching, something in purple to bring out the hints of colour in the glass and a rolled bail.

I tried a different technique for resist on this piece. I use stop out fluid quite often for painting designs on to copper, but with this piece I tried stamping the design on. It’s not quite as sharp as using vinyl resist, but I like the grainy effect it’s given this pattern.

I took some sheet copper and etched it on both sides. That way, when the bail at the top was rolled around, the etching would show.
And the reverse would be patterned as well
The cabochon was set along with an amethyst, and it was strung on to leather with copper beads.
I used the clasp I had left over from Lesley’s COM last month to finish it. 
I had loads of fun designing this, and it was great to get back to some metal working. Thanks to Susan for the wonderfully inspiring component!
If you’d like to see what the rest of the AJE team and some special guests created with their components… follow the links!


AJE Members

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AJE Component of the Month reveal – April

This month we were treated to one of Lesley Watt of TheaElements beautiful button clasps. They’re really cute and dinky and the perfect finish to any number of designs. I decided this time to keep my ideas simple, and I’ve had this half brewing in my head for a while, so when the clasp arrived I knew this was the time to create it.

This was the clasp I received… a cute little ammonite!

I like beads, well… that’s a bit of an understatement… I love them! I’ve tried making them from virtually every material you can think of, and have loved them since my Grandma introduced me to her button tin one Summer holiday. I would lay them out in order of favourites, and have hours of fun. Creating this bracelet gave me that same feeling of being a child again, and choosing things just because I like them.

This bracelet contains some of my favourite treasures and is finished off wonderfully with the addition of Lesley’s clasp.

There are sterling wire wrapped beads, ceramic, glass and a fine silver urchin set with 30 cubic zirconia all made by me, Czech beads, Spotty bead & blue pear from Gaea, and a sea foam textured round by TheaElements, Glass nugget by Beads for Breakfast, fluorite and a blue stone I can’t remember the name of, all finished off with a Bali silver ammonite bead and of course Lesley’s button clasp. My favourite thing about the clasp is that it blends in so well to become part of the design, and it was the deciding factor on my colour scheme. I had great fun picking out the colours in it and echoing them with my found treasure.

And this month, I’ve also made an effort with my photography! Inspired by Keirsten’s post about interesting backgrounds, I’ve acquired an old pallet which I think looks great! I’ve reimagined it as a boardwalk by the sea for my ocean inspired design!
Hope you enjoyed reading, and a big thank you to Lesley for her beautiful component! If you’d like to see what the other AJE members and guests have made… follow the links ūüôā

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March Component of the month reveal

I’m really excited for this month’s reveal as it’s my design that’s being used by everyone to create their pieces… can’t wait to go and see what everyone’s done!


The component was one of my moth pendants. Handmade and carved from porcelain and glazed with precious metal lustres.

I don’t often use my beads in my own work, so this was a double challenge for me!


I decided I wanted to go for a bold statement piece and toyed around with a few ideas. My first was to make some components from copper clay, but I probably should have tested if I could do that before I committed, as I failed miserably and they were too thin (I’ll know for next time!)

Next I got everything out of my supplies and tried to add as much as I could in, but that didn’t work either. The moth was drowned out by the busyness around it, so I finally settled on a simple chain design with a couple of extra pierced and etched copper moths, Czech turbine & cathedral beads, copper leaves and magatama drops, all topped off with a beautiful chunky copper chain.


I love the Art Nouveau feel to the design, I’m still undecided as to whether the copper moths should have been a bit smaller, but it certainly makes a statement!


And I love the play of colour on the component. They are really difficult to photograph, but you can see in this picture, the deep velvet cerise colours that come through in parts of the glaze.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll visit our special guests and AJE Team members to see what they created with their component!


Guest Artists

Helen Simon – Helen’s had to drop out due to an injury, get well soon Helen!

The AJE Team

Caroline Dewison Рhttp://www.blueberribeads.co.uk << you are here

Diana Ptaszynski –¬†http://www.suburbangirlstudio.com

Susan Kennedy –¬†http://www.suebeads.blogspot.co.uk

Kristen Stevens –¬†http://kristen-beadjourney.blogspot.com/

Keirsten Giles –¬†http://cerebraldilettante.blogspot.com

Jenny Davies-Reazor –¬†http://www.jdaviesreazor.com/blog

Melissa Meman Р http://melissameman.blogspot.co.uk

Rebekah Payne –¬†www.treewingsstudio.com

Lesley Watt –¬†http://thegossipinggoddess.blogspot.co.uk

Linda Landig –¬†http://www.LindasBeadBlog.com

Francesca Watson –¬†http://francescawatson.com

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AJE Component of the month – February

With February being a short month, we’re a little bit late for the reveal. But this month it was Melissa Meman’s turn to provide the component. Melissa makes stunning enamelled copper pendants and charm’s amongst other things, and she chose fluttering hearts for this months challenge. If you’d like to see more of her work, you can find it here¬†https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MelismaticArtJewelry



This is the pretty pink heart I received to design with. I love the texture of the raised dots of enamel! My heart had 3 holes, one in each corner, and I originally had the idea to rivet it on to a cuff, then I changed my mind and was going to make a brooch, but eventually after jingling around my stash, I decided on a necklace.


I wrapped Czech beads and fluorite with bronze wire and attached them to some beautiful hand dyed silk for an extra splash of colour. I didn’t use a clasp, as it ended up as a long necklace, so can be slipped over your head. The silk is lovely and soft against your skin.

Thanks to Melissa for a beautiful component, it was great fun to work with! And if you’d like to see what the rest of the AJE Team and guests made with their hearts, you can visit them using the links below!

Lori Bowring Michaud 
Kathy Lindemer
Kim Bender 

AJE Team…
Melissa Meman
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Rebekah Payne
Caroline Dewison
Kristen Stevens
Keirsten Giles
Sue Kennedy

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AJE ‚Äď January component of the month reveal

It’s AJE component of the month reveal time again… I can’t believe how quickly January has flown by! I’ve been pretty busy since the beginning of the year with new designs and shop updates, and also designing something around one of these beautiful components from Jenny Davies-Reazor.


Jenny is an amazing mixed media artist, but don’t just take my word for it…¬†

have a peek at her work here   https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/jdaviesreazor

The components were finished with a word chosen for each of us, and topped with resin to create a stunning keepsake. My word was calm… I could do with a bit of that at the moment, it has been a hectic month!


Calm for me is the evening. My favourite time is a Summer’s evening at dusk. ¬†There is a peaceful stillness that falls over the garden, the drone of everyday busyness has died down and as it says in my word description, there is a feeling of tranquillity. Then as the sun sets, the heat of the day fades and the stars start to appear one by one… I’m relaxing just thinking about it!

Ahem… back to my design…

My component came with 2 holes, but for the idea I had in mind, it needed at least 3. I didn’t want to drill it, so I used copper wire to create the loops where I needed them. From the word, I hung one of my porcelain moons, a Czech glass bead and a copper star cut from sheet. I pulled out the blue silk and loved the colour combination with the blue, copper and gold, but it wouldn’t hang right on the silk alone. I wanted to add more beads to create the feeling of luxury, so more copper wire wrapped in a spiral created the stiffness and loops I¬†needed.

blueberribeads 02

I’ve a bit of a thing for Czech glass at the moment (you might have spotted that!), so I pulled out everything I had in blue and gold and swapped and changed them until I was happy. A handmade simple copper clasp finished off the design.

Looking at it again, I’m tempted to add some more dangles, I might play with it a bit more!

blueberribeads 01

Big thanks to Jenny for the chance to create something with her wonderful component! It has been great fun to work with! ¬† If you’d like to see what she and everyone else has created with their own words, follow the links below…

Thanks for reading! x


Hope of Craftyhope 
Sarajo of SJ Designs Jewelry

Jennifer Cameron
Diana Ptaszynski
Lesley Watt
Susan Kennedy
Caroline Dewison
Linda Landig
Melissa Meman
Keirsten Giles
Rebekah Payne
Kristen Stevens
Jenny Davies Reazor

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AJE ‚Äď December component of the month reveal

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and recovered from the festivities… now they’re all out of the way, it’s time to get back to work.

I’m really excited about this year, I have loads of plans and ideas for new beads, and I’m going to throw myself in to something I’ve recently discovered I love, sculpting! More on that in another post though…

First it’s component of the month time.

This month we were given a beautiful handmade polymer clay bead from Rebekah of Tree Wings Studio. Rebekah makes the most wonderful beads and critters and I was thrilled to receive one of her newest design beads. Mine’s the one at the front… yet again, I got too exited and forgot to take my own photo!

Rebekah 04

They make me think of Autumn poppies, or little cakes… they almost look edible!

I decided on a rustic design for mine, my favourite kind of palette, and have created a necklace with Czech glass, copper, and a boulder opal bead that I’ve been stashing for far too long!

Rebekah 01

I realised after starting that I’d used up all of my ready made copper chain in the lower part of the necklace, so I put together a chainmaille piece for the top.

They were joined with one of my etched leaf connectors and a clasp made from copper wire and another Czech glass bead.

Rebekah 03

And here’s the finished necklace… I really need to get one of those fancy dummies for taking pics of necklaces!

Rebekah 02

Thank you Rebekah for a wonderful component! I’ve really enjoyed working with it!

To see what designs the rest of the team and the lucky December winners have imagined with their component, use the links below to visit!

Guest Designers:
Ann – Bead Love
Melissa – Bead Recipes
AJE Team:
Kristen – My Bead Journey
Susan – Sue Beads
Rebekah – Tree Wings Studio
Caroline – BlueberriBeads
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AJE ‚Äď November component of the month reveal

This month it’s Kristen Steven’s turn to provide the COM component. Kristen’s beaded beads and jewellery designs are gorgeous and you can find them here, including the very lovely beads I was given along with the challenge of creating something with them.


Here’s what I received…



Well, they’re not exactly these ones as I got so excited once the inspiration struck that I completely forgot to take a picture so I pinched this one from Kristen’s shop (sorry Kristen! ūüėČ ) But they are the same gorgeous colour of seed beads.

And here’s what I did with them…

blueberribeads com reveal Nov 01


The bangle hoop is made from copper tubing wrapped with copper wire and treated with Liver of Sulphur to darken the colour.

blueberribeads com reveal Nov

I attached Kristen’s beaded beads along with some of my own porcelain rounds with more copper wire. I was going to treat the wire with LOS again, but I quite like the contrast between the bright and dark. I’m really pleased with how this finally worked out and am definitely going to explore some more ideas using the spiral base!

Great big thanks to Kristen for her lovely component, please visit her and everyone else through the AJE Blog to see what other fabulous creations have been created!



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AJE – October component of the month

Another month has flown by and it’s time for the¬†Art Jewelry Elements¬†component of the month reveal! This month’s component is by¬†Kristi Bowman- Gruel, and it’s a stunner… in fact they all are!


These beautiful pieces are individually created from copper clay with differently placed designs and unique patina treatments on each. They really are one of a kind and I was thrilled to bits when I saw that I’d get one to play with! I thought for ages over what to do with it, I wanted something that wouldn’t distract from it’s gorgeousness.


This is the component I received.. Mmmmmm!

 cuff 01

Initially, I thought I thought it would look fabulous as a hammered cuff with curved edges to fit the curve of the component, but quickly realised I had no idea how to do that, so sticking with what I know, I went for some etching. I painted stop out fluid on the copper in a spiral design to match the component, etched and coloured it.

cuff 02

Rooting through my stash, I found some bits that matched the colours and brought out the lovely patina and added in some copper, shot silk and leather.

cuff 03


Once all the individual pieces were finished, I glued the silk to the leather, riveted the component to the copper and glued all the pieces together.


I love how all the colours compliment each other, but the beautiful component is still the main attraction!

 cuff 04

cuff 05

Big thank you to Kristi for the chance to play with one of her gorgeous components! I hope I’ve done it justice!

If you want to see some more of her gorgeous creations, take a look at her shop here

If you’d like to see what the other ladies of the team and a couple of lucky winners have made, here’s the links to their blogs!


Kym Hunter Designs
MiShel Designs

AJE Team Members


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AJE September Component Of the Month Reveal

I have some very exciting news this week, and no, it’s not that I’m updating my blog ūüėČ

I have been invited to be a contributor to the Art Jewelry Elements blog. I have written a couple of guest posts for them about electroforming, and mould making and was asked if I’d like to make it more of a permanent thing. Of course I jumped at the chance, so I will now be taking a fortnightly spot.

One of the regular features on the blog is a monthly challenge between the contributors and a couple of lucky winners to create something using the same components.

This month it’s Lesley from Thea Jewellery/Thea Elements turn to provide the goodies.

Thea Elements pods


We’ve each been given one of her beautiful handmade bronze bursting seed pods to create something fabulous with. So here’s my effort.



I got a turquoise pod with a star burst pattern on the underside. I jingled it for a bit, to come up with an idea. The weather is starting to turn, and I’m thinking of scarves and coats, you need brooches and pins for scarves and coats, so I decided on a stick pin. I liked the idea as it means you can see all the way around the pod when it’s worn.




For the size of the pod, there’s an amazing amount of detail brought out by the gorgeous colour Lesley’s patinated the bronze.


The whole thing was threaded on a length of copper wire flattened at one end to hold everything in place, with a few embellishments to make it shine. The bottom part of the pin has been made from copper tube and attached to the main part with copper chain to keep it safe.


I’d like to say a big thank you to Lesley for sharing her gorgeous components, and to the lovely AJE blog ladies for having me!

To see what they and the winners of the September challenge created with their seed pods, follow the links below!


AJE team
Caroline Dewison   << You are here



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