Beady Eyed Bunny History Hop Reveal

I came across a link for this blog hop on the last day of signups and knew I had to join in! I love a challenge, and I also loved the subject!

Each participant had to choose a style of jewellery to take their inspiration from the following list…

Indus Valley Civilization 
English Romanticism & Mourning Jewelry
Art Nouveau
Early Russian 
Moche of Peru
Native American
M?ori (New Zealand)

Leah, the lovely lady organising the hop, gave us some great styles to chose from, but I knew as soon as I read through the list that my choice would be Art Nouveau! I fell in love with the style years ago when I found a picture of this brooch by Rene Lalique on the internet…

lalique 02

The detail in it is incredible!  Unfortunately, I lack the skills, or the cash to create such a masterpiece, but I tried to use the skills I do have to create something inspired by this.

So it began with one of my porcelain faces, I played around with ideas and decided on setting it with copper wings, a bit ambitious, but there are always 2 chances!

I came up with an initial sketch which was filled with set cabochons, dangly bits and anything else I felt like I could fit on there, but eventually narrowed it down to quite a simple design. Then, my OH, struck with inspiration suggested using leaves for the wings… Brilliant! All my going on about jewellery has finally started to rub off on him 😉 So I set about raiding the garden for suitable leaves which I could electroform to create the wings.

These were glued on to some wire ready for forming and a few days later, were pure copper and ready for setting on to the main piece.

art 01


These are from a beautiful Rhododendron we have which is just about to burst in to bloom! I hope it won’t miss them!

Once formed, they were soldered on to a piece of copper cut for the backing along with some prongs for holding the face and a couple of antennae. The antennae were topped with half drilled Mother of pearls and the dangle is a pale blue topaz. I patinated the whole thing to pick up the detail in the leaves, but decided I liked the finish, so rather than polish it up, I just sealed it  to keep the lovely dark colour. I have yet to decide on what to do with the chain part, but the blue silk ribbon will do for now until I make a decision!

art 02

art 03


Unfortunately, I got my scale a bit wrong and the whole thing is huge! But I’ve enjoyed the process and have lots of ideas to develop this design in to something a little more wearable!

Thank you to Leah for organising such a brilliantly themed hop, be sure to check out her blog and the rest of the participants in the links below!

Have a great weekend!


Caroline x


Leah Curtis – Indus Valley –
Laney Mead – M?ori –
Becca – Art Nouveau –
Melissa – English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry –
Tracy Stillman – Native American –
Gerda – English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry –
Liz E – Native North American –
Ahowin – M?ori (New Zealand)  – 
Jasvanti – Indus Valley –
Lizzie – Art Nouveau – 
Julia Hay – Merovingian –
Dini – Celtic –
Caroline – Art Nouveau – 
Charlie – Moche of Peru – 
Karin – China –
Niky Sayers – Rome – 
Marcia Dunne – Celctic and Mourning Jewelry –
anafiassa – Mesopotamia –
Kokopelli – Native American –
Christa – Native American –
Clair – Roman –
Susan Bowie – Native American –
Gloria Allen – English Romanticism –
Sheila Garrett – Early Russia –

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BSBP- The big reveal!

I’m not going to babble today… I’m just going to get on with it and show you what I’ve made with the lovely bead soup sent to me by my partner in the Bead Soup Blog Party… Doris Stumpf, a wonderfully talented lampworker from Germany. I hope I’ve done them justice!

Here’s a reminder of what she sent to me…

A gorgeous mix of Doris’s glass and pretty spring coloured beads and components!

So here’s the first make…

When I first started making, I had no idea what I was going to do… so I thought I’d start with a necklace. The polymer rose cabochon is embroidered with seed beads, glass drops, glass leaves and acrylic flowers, and strung with bronze chain, the pretty silk string and one of my birdies. I decided against a clasp. The necklace is long enough to slip over your head, but it can be altered with the bow attaching the silk to the bronze chain. Underneath hangs a pretty birdcage charm, Rose Quartz and Aventurine faceted drops and a Glass leaf all held together with a tiny bow.

Next I wanted to try something different… I think I’ve only ever made one brooch, so I thought it was about time I made another!

The rose was crocheted and the focal, enamelled leaf and pin were sewn on afterwards.

I was given this wonderful hand spun yarn by a friend… bet you can’t guess what it is!!!

I was amazed when I found out! It’s banana fibre and is beautifully soft and not like bananas at all! Cool eh? 😉

And finally, I needed to make something with my clasp….

I love bracelets with everything piled on. This one has a mixture of beads from my soup and a few from my stash. It has more silk strings, this time my own, a good lashing of Czech flowers and crystals and the gorgeous glass clasp, handmade by Doris.

I would like to say a big thank you to Lori for organising the BSBP. It must be a monumental task and she’s done an amazing job, even through being poorly. Sending her lots of get well wishes xxx

And also to Doris, who put together a wonderfully generous collection, a lot of which is still left. I’m looking forward to making more with it over the next few weeks 🙂

And finally, here’s a link to Lori’s page with links to all the participants of today’s reveal! (if you want to see the whole thing including over 500 entrants, you can find out more at Lori’s blog

Thanks for visiting! x

Adlinah Kamsir
Agi Kiss
Alenka Obid
Alison Sachs
Amanda Tibbetts
Amy Sims
Ana Cravidao
Andra Marasteanu
Andria Poole
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Anja Schultz
Ann Sherwood
Anna Nordeman
Annita Wilson
Arlene Dean
Astrid Boyce
Barb Fernald
Betty James Hoppensteadt
Birgit Klughardt
Bonnie Coursolle
Brandy Thomason McNair
Brenda Sigafoos
Carmen Lau
Carol Wilson
Caroline Dewison
Cassie Donlen
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Catherine Turrell
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Cherrie Warzocha
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Christine Hansen
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Cilla Watkins
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Doris Stumpf
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Erin Kenny
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Heather Otto
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Iveth Caruso
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Jacqueline Keller
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Jessica Klaaren Http://
Joanna Matuszczyk
Joyce Becker
Judith Johnston
Judy Riley
JuLee Wolfe
June Butt
Karen Mitchell
Kari Asbury
Karin King
Karin von Hoeren
Karla Morgan
Kathrin Lembke
Kathy Stemke
Katja Benevol Gabrijelcic
Katy Heider
Kay Thomerson
Kelley Fogle
Keren Panthaki
Kimberly Idalski
Kirsi Loponen
Klaudia Tóth
Krista Quantrill
Kristina Hahn Eleniak
Kristina Johansson
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Lara Lutrick
Laura Guenther
Lauren Potts
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Leah Tees
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Marina Dobrynina
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Marjolein Trewavas
Marsela Schroth
Martha Aleo
Mary Govaars
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Mea-B. Uebler
Melissa Trudinger
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Michelle Buettner
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Sam Waghorn
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Shai Williams
Sharon Palac
Sierra Barrett
Silke Gröber
Siobhán Keogh
Stefanie Teufel
Stephanie Stamper
Sue Hamel
Sue Rennie
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Susanna Lehto
Suse Stelljes
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Suzann Sladcik Wilson
Tara Plote
Terri G.
Terry Carter
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Theresa Frank
Tina Bosh
Tina Noonan
Toltec Jewels
Facebook Participants
Audrey Allen
Cindy Wimmer Muse
Cynthia O’Toole
Deb Floros
Debbie Jensen
Erin Honeycutt
Kaushambi Shah
Lisa Lloyd Harrison
Mary Jane Tanner
Valerie Tilghman
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My soup has arrived!

My bead soup arrived last week… I’ma bit slow posting a picture as I’m busy getting ready to go to the Flame Off next week… soooo excited! I’ll be there with my beads for the whole thing this year, and also there on the Sunday for the bead fair. It’s going to be held at the Silverstone racetrack, and this time even my OH is excited!

But back to my lovely soup… after exchanging a few emails with Doris, I have to say, she’s read me perfectly and I love everything she’s sent. I have lots of ideas of what to make with it, hopefully they’ll be as good in real life as they are in my head!

The lampwork is all made by Doris,, I think you’ll agree that it’s beautiful, and I love the pretty spring colours! The rest of the beads are all from her stash, unfortunately she doesn’t know who from, so shout if you recognise anything!

See you soon for the reveal! x

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Soup’s on!

My lovely partner in the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party received her beads a couple of days ago, so I can share what I sent 🙂

I agonised for ages over what to send, it’s my first time, and was worried about types, colours, amount, pretty much everything! Eventually, I decided on a few beautiful beads from some of my favourite beadmakers and suppliers here in the UK.

And what a talented bunch they are…


This isn’t the greatest picture, unfortunately my camera doesn’t like to take photographs of purple, but in real life, they are all different rich hues of purple, grey, white, gold & bronze.

I’m thrilled to say that Doris was really pleased with what she got from me… phew!!!

I can’t wait to see what she does with them!

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7th Bead Soup Blog Party

I’m really excited to be taking part in the 7th Bead Soup Blog party hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog.

My partner is Doris Stumpf from Germany, a very talented lampworker who creates the most amazing little creatures and beautiful beads from glass, here’s her website if you’d like to pay her a visit 🙂

My bead soup has been ready for the last couple of weeks,  so I will be at the post office first thing on Monday to send Doris her package of goodies. Here’s a little teaser shot of what I’ll be posting…


All will be revealed soon! 😉

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Bead Giveaway Blog Hop

When Lesley at the Gossiping Goddess asked if any one wanted free beads, well how could I say no?

Her good friend and lampworker, Kaz Baildon had had a clear out and was left with loads of lovely beads that she didn’t know what to do with so they were sent to Lesley who very kindly offered some of them out to anyone participating in her challenge.

It’s been ages since I’ve made jewellery properly, but I’m a both feet kind of girl, so I threw my name in the hat, and was thrilled when I was chosen as one of the lucky winners.
That thrill soon turned to terror when I received the beads and realised I would have to do something with them and actually show everybody, so here goes…

I’ve never made anything with a heart bead before and the colours are not something I would have gone for, but after a rummage around in my box of stuff, I started to form an idea. I’ve been stashing Czech beads for a while and the matt green rondelles went perfectly with the focal heart. I threw everything that looked like it matched in a pile on my desk and narrowed down a few different bits to go in to the design. The Czech beads were wrapped on to copper wire around the heart with Maroon KO thread and held in place with green magatama drops. I then used one of the spacer beads to add a dangle and finished it off with a vintage Czech glass leaf.

It sat on my desk threaded on the silk strings for a couple of weeks untouched as I puzzled what to do with the other spacer. I considered hiding it, but I’m sure Lesley would have noticed!

I had some round knobbly washers which I thought would make a great toggle clasp, but they were bronze and didn’t match the copper in the rest of the design, so they went in to the electroforming bath for a few minutes and tadaaa… they were copper plated. The final spacer was wired up to make the bar with a couple of loops to hold the silk strings and everything was finished with thin copper wire.

I’m pleased with how the final design turned out, and have really enjoyed taking part in the challenge.

Big thanks to Lesley for organising it all (even when poorly!) and to Kaz Baildon for the beads.

You can see more of Kaz’s lovely beads in her Etsy shop >>>

To see what everyone else has made in the challenge, follow the links below…

And if you would like to see more of my Jewellery designs, please take a look in my Etsy shop >>>

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Metal Prong Challenge


You’ve probably noticed, I’m loving the new Artisan Whimsy site… the challenges are really good fun!

The metal team has issued the Metal prong Challenge, and as this type of setting is something I’ve never done before I thought I’d have a bash. I had some pieces of copper already etched so I decided to chop one of these up to make a backing for one of my ceramic cabochons.  I love it that with all the different things I’ve tried over the years, I’m now at a point where I can make a complete piece of jewellery from start to finish. The end result is far from perfect, but luckily I like the arts & craft/rustic style 😉

For the prongs, I used 2mm copper wire (coz I’m a bit of a wimp and thought they’d be more difficult to make a mess of) and set them on the backing in a similar way to the tutorial on the site (check out the post here) I did mine, slightly differently to the way they showed as I didn’t have any rivets, so just sawed the wire flat and soldered straight on to the backing.

The prongs hold on to one of my ceramic face cabs, and sit above a bezel set amethyst cab. I decided to file the face of the prongs, as the wire was so thick it really stood out and didn’t look right, then when everything was set, it was patinated and polished, and strung on a silk cord with Czech glass, copper and grey stone beads.

Thanks to the Metal Team for setting the challenge. I’ve learned quite a lot taking part, (mainly what not to do!) and I hope to use this style of setting in the future in more designs.

If you’d like to take a look at what others in the challenge have done, here’s a link to their blogs…


The Beading Yogini,

Caroline Dewison, BlueBerri Beads,

Pam Farren,

Mary Harding, Mary Harding Jewelry,

Dawn Horner, Northern Adornments,

Gina Hockett, Freestyle Elements,

Heidi Kingman, My Bead Therapy,

Lisa Laffend,

Laura Medeiros.

Alicia Marinache, All the Pretty Things,

Melissa Muir, Melissa Muir Jewelry,

Melinda Orr, Melinda Orr Designs,

Julie Panusis,

Mary Ellen Parker,

Staci Louise Smith, Staci Louise Originals,

Sherri Stokey, Knot Just Macrame,

Jo Tinley, Daisy Chain Designs Jewellery,

Francesca Watson, Francesca Watson Designs,

Jean Wells,

Linda Younkman, Lindy’s Designs,

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UK Inspiration Challenge

The UK Blog team on Artisan whimsy have challenged members to create a piece of jewellery or component which represents an area of the UK where one of the members live.

The cities for the challenge are Dorset, Edinburgh, Bath, Isle of White, Liverpool and Southampton. I’ve chosen Edinburgh.

Scotland is one of my favourite places in the world, I’ve spent many holidays up in the Highlands and once past Glasgow get that feeling in my tummy that I’m heading home… I think I must have lived there in a previous life!  From a bit of family history told to me by my late Grandad, his parents were lowlanders descended from the clan Lamont. One of these days I will do some research and find out a little more about them. I’ve visited Edinburgh twice as a child and was awestruck by the contrast between the city and the surrounding countryside, so I’ve taken that as my inspiration for my component.

So here’s my piece…

Hopefully you can see the mountains, the sunset sky and the contrast of the grey stone buildings with the windows reflecting the beautiful light.

There are loads of people taking part, to see who and what they’ve created, follow the links below….

The Hosts
Lesley Watt Gossiping Goddess

Rebecca Anderson Songbeads

Pippa Chandler Pip’s Jewellery

Teresa Hulley Bo Hulley Beads

Natalie McKenna Grubbi

Jo Tinley Daisychain Designs


Gale White Bantering Bird on Flickr

Ginger Bishop Lilmummylikes

Cece Cormier The Beading Yogini

Therese Frank Therese’s Treasures

Cilla Watkins Tell Your Girlfriends

Sherry Baun

Kay Toodles and Binks


Therese Frank Therese’s Treasures

Kashmira Patel Sadafulee

Caroline Dewison Blueberribeads

Pam Sears Crazy Creative Corner

Sherry Baun

Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh

Lucy Haslam


Cynthia Machata

Pam Sears Crazy Creative Corner

Sherry Baun

Isle of Wight

Duane Clark Bizzy Bead

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Sharyl’s Jewelry

Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh

Jean Wright Just Beadey

D Lynne Bowland Islandgirl’s Insights

Lisa Lodge Pine Ridge Treasures

Sherry Baun


Jean A. Wells

Shalini Austin   Jewellery by Shalini

Doris Stumpf Glaszwerg

Sherry Baun

Lennis C Windbent


Sherri Stokey Knot Just Macramé

Sherry Baun

Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh

Kathy Lindemer Bay Moon Design

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My first Hop!

I’m really excited to be taking part in my first blog hop, organised by the The Gossiping Goddess

For those of you who haven’t seen her site before, (which I doubt is many) the Goddess is the lovely Lesley Watt of TheaJewellery.

Each of the participants will get a gift of free beads from Lesley, from which we have to make a piece of jewellery , accessory or ornament and share what we’ve made.

Beads by Kaz Baildon

Look at all those goodies!!!

The beads are the result of a clear out by the very talented lampworker, Kaz Baildon, and Lesley has kindly decided to share her bounty and give some out to jewellers around the world to take part in her hop. So I put my name in the hat and was thrilled to be picked as one of the lucky recipients of some stash!

I’d decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to start making jewellery again, so this is the perfect opportunity to give me a kick up the bum and get going again. I’m a bit nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve made anything that wasn’t a gift for one of my family (easy work coz they’ve got to say they like it!) but I’ve got 2 chances, and I quite like the thrill of a challenge.

The date for the big reveal is 12th of December, (handy for a last bit of Christmas shopping if you see something you fancy 😉 ) so keep an eye out for a post from me and the other entrants to see what we’ve made.

See you soon!


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