Meet the Mudlarks…


Mudlarks is the meeting of two minds that are equally obsessed with the infinite possibilities that working with clay (or mud) provides. One of those minds in mine and the other is my good friend Lesley Watt of Lesley Watt Artisan Elements.


Lesley and I recently attended a bead show together and during the run up to this we got to talking about bead shows in general and how difficult and expensive it can be to find good shows. We don’t really have the equivalent of Bead Fest in the UK but we do have a big one day event called ‘The Big Bead Show‘. This show is very much geared to commercial bead sellers and is not cheap to attend so very few artisans exhibit there. Somehow though, in the course of one conversation we managed to find out the cost of the show and convince ourselves that if we pooled our resources and exhibited together we could hopefully do well enough to make it cost effective.


Because we’re booked as one unit we can’t really use both of our business names (Lesley Watt Artisan Elements and Blueberri Beads doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue) so we thought it would be better to rebrand ourselves for these events. Historically Mudlarks were people who scavenged around the muddy banks of the River Thames looking for items of value that could be sold to scrape a subsistence living. Because we both love working with clay which is, to all intents and purposes  mud and because at times sustaining a living making art beads also feels pretty much like scavenging, Mudlarks seemed like the perfect choice.


We will still be selling our own original hand crafted beads at this event but by combining forces under one banner we can now offer customers a wider choice in one place. Hopefully some of our regular online customers will be able to come and support us at the show so if you’re going please do let us know.

Look out for more news in the next few days too…


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Component of the month reveal – August

This month, it’s my turn to host the component of the month challenge and I provided the Art Elements Team and guests with a set of my galaxy beads. Today, I’m sharing two posts in one, one for myself and one for our guest Cheryl Zink. 

First up is Cheryl’s creation. Cheryl says….

I decided to carry out the star moon theme with your lovely beads.

For the neclace, I hand wired the focal onto a hand patinaed grouping of rings with a czech glass and tin head pin from Sasha Crow with resin sparkle beads and dangling blackened brass half moons.

I continued theme with earring beads using a thick gauge blackened copper wire, brass discs and blackened brass half moons.

I’m sure you’ll agree Cheryl did a wonderful job with her components… I’m in love with the blackened moons!



And now for my design. I found it a bit of a struggle working with my own components. I never do anything with them myself and don’t really consider what they’ll become when I make them. So while at the Stourbridge bead fair, I searched team mate Lesley Watt’s stall for a ceramic piece to compliment my galaxies. I found a beautiful moth connector and it became part of my Luna Moth necklace.

The starry galaxy bead was wire wrapped in to a pendant along with one of the smaller rounds, a brass bead cap and a ring, a couple of lamp work beads and some Czech glass. This was finished off with a tiny hematite star at the bottom. 

The necklace was made from crimped tiger tail with purple hematite beads and stars and mixed seed beads. I’m not sure if the pendant section is too large for the moth, but I love the combination of colours together!

I hope you’ll join me in the blog hop to see what everyone else made with their galaxy beads. Follow the links below….



Cheryl Zink

Kelly Rodgers

Art Elements Team

Diana Ptazynski

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Niky Sayers

Laney Mead

Susan Kennedy

Claire Fabian

Lesley Watt

Caroline Dewison << You are here.

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June Theme Challenge reveal – Insects

At the beginning of the month we announced a new challenge over on the Art Elements blog. This time it was the turn of Diana Ptaszynski to choose the theme and for June, she chose insects. Perfect for Spring! You can read the original post here. 

As well as getting creative with the theme, we’ve had some real live insects here at home with an amazing butterfly kit. After buying a habitat, we posted off a voucher and received 5 baby caterpillars back in the post. They were about 10mm long and contained in a little tub with food. Within a week, we were amazed to find they’d grown to five times the size and were attaching themselves to the roof of the pot and turning in to chrysalis. The threads are silk that they’ve spun to protect themselves and the black fuzzy bits are their skin… I didn’t know, but they shed it once they’re attached and the insides harden to make the shell. You can’t see from the pic, but they’re iridescent, and great inspiration for future designs!

They’ve now been moved in to the habitat (pop up tent) where the lid has been removed from the pot and secured to the base with all the chrysalis attached, where we’ll wait for them to hatch. In a couple of weeks, they’ll hopefully emerge as painted lady butterflies (as at the top of the page) and we can release them in to the garden… I can’t wait! I’ve only seen butterflies hatching on the TV, so I’m really looking forward to that!

So back to my own insects… for the challenge, I decided I’d like to make something in porcelain. I’ve been playing around with painting greenware porcelain with underglazes and single firing, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make something using this technique as you can get really detailed designs. Great for butterflies!!

The first attempt was quite simple, a monarch butterfly.


And for my second I went for a swallowtail butterfly. I’ve loved these since I was little, I used to go to the Royal Exchange in Manchester and look at all the encased insects in the underground antique market, and this was always my favourite!

Next, I made an Atlas moth, these fascinating insects are huge! This one’s just a tiddler though!

And finally, a Deaths Head Hawk Moth, another favourite… I went for a monochrome tattoo style for this one. 

I’m pleased with how they all turned out, even if they did take an entire day to paint! I think it was worth it 🙂 

To see what wonderful insect themed creations the rest of the AE Team & guests made, join us in the blog hop using the links below!

Art Elements Team
Caroline Dewison << You are Here!
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Component of the month reveal – April

This month we were treated by our lovely leader Jen to one of her gorgeous lamp work beads. They make me think of aurora and the beautiful starry skies of Van Gogh. There’s so much happening in these little nuggets, they’re full of sparkle and colour.

I decided from the beginning it was going to be turned in to something for me. I don’t tend to wear much jewellery, I’m usually up to my ears in clay so everything gets ruined, but when I do, I like to keep it simple, so I decided it would make a great wrap bracelet.

I kept the surrounding bead colours fairly dark to make sure the focus stayed on the central wrap. 

And tried to reflect the gorgeous colours from the focal, with a little added sparkle around the central wrap with some of my other favourite hoarded beads. 

I’m going to wear this lots! 

Thanks to Jen for a beautiful component to work with. I’m looking forward to showing this off when I’m not covered in mud!

To see what the rest of the AE Team and guests have made, follow the links below…


Guest Designers:

Sarajo Wentling

Deb Stewart

Art Elements Team:

Sue Kennedy

Laney Mead

Lesley Watt

Claire Fabian

Karen Totten

Cooky Schock

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Caroline Dewison << you are here.

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Niky Sayers

Lindsay Starr

Jen Cameron


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Ceramic Beadmaking classes 2017

If you’re in the UK and would like to learn how to make ceramic beads, I will be running a ceramic bead making class again at the Flame Off in Uttoxeter. The full day class is held on the 1st June, with taster sessions on the 2nd & 3rd.



Main Class Thursday

This full day class will have a seashore theme.

In the first part of the class, you will begin by learning how to make ceramic beads, pendants and cabochons, learn the basic techniques, and progress to stamping, carving and sculpting clay to add more detail. You will have plenty of opportunity to develop your own ideas. We’ll hopefully have time to make all of the designs shown here.

After lunch, (you will need to bring a packed lunch for yourself) the second part of the class will focus on glazing and decoration to bring your designs to life with colour.

This class is suitable for all from beginners to those with some experience. Your beads will need to be fired twice, so will be forwarded to you 7-10 days after the class.

The cost for the full day class is £85 including all materials and firings.

Click here to book a place on the full day class.


Taster classes Friday & Saturday


This short class will give you a taster of creating ceramic beads. You will be shown some basic techniques to create beads, pendants or cabochons with a floral theme, or get creative and follow your own ideas using the techniques shown.

Your beads will need to be fired twice, so will be glazed in a single colour and forwarded to you 7-10 days after the class. Alternatively, if you’d like to decorate them yourself, you can book a place on the Saturday class to complete your designs.

The cost for the taster class is £45 including all materials and firing.

Click here to book a taster class


Hope to see you there! 🙂 

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Art Elements Theme Challenge – March

This month on the Art Elements Blog we were given a Theme Challenge by the lovely and incredibly talented Cathy Spivey Mendola. Her theme for March was amulet bags. We were to create a little pouch or secret keeper to hold tiny treasures or words.  View Cathy’s original post with more details here

As luck would have it, I recently went on a trip to an embroidery exhibition to meet team mate Lesley and returned home with all sorts of fabric goodies, so I had a root through to see what I could come up with.

I bought some gorgeous inspiration packs with odds and ends of coloured threads, wool and fabrics, and decided to create something in felt and wool. The curly threads in the pack reminded me of pea pods, so with some green felt, I sewed a little pea pod complete with curly tendrils. 

The spots were created with ‘O’ beads and tiny seeds, and a little bit of wool with pine cone ends created a tie closure.

Some soutache cord (which I’ve used for everything other than soutache) finished the design off for wearing. I haven’t decided what secrets it will keep yet… maybe a crystal or another tiny treasure?

I did intend on making more as I really enjoyed working on a smaller design, but time got away from me this month. I hope to make more in the future though.

Big thanks to Cathy for her wonderful inspiration, and if you’d like to see what she and the rest of the team made, follow the links below 🙂 



AE Members-

Caroline << You are here!





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AE Component of the Month-February

All we need is love!

This month’s component of the month are these stunning hearts provided by the multi talented Jenny Davies-Reazor

The Japanese have a technique in pottery – almost a philosophy really – called “Kintsugi“. Breaks in the pottery are repaired and embellished with gold leaf. The breakage and repair is seen as part of the history of the object, rather than a flaw to disguise. Isn’t that an apt metaphor for life? 

So the scars and flaws are evident here in these hearts. I hope that these inspired you – to restore love, in your day to day, and in the world around us. 

-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Read more about Jenny’s inspiration in her original post here.

We got to choose which colour we’d like to design with and I chose sage green. I hadn’t seen the colour, but I knew I’d love anything of Jenny’s and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed!

Of course I got over excited and forgot a pic of it, so here it is after I’d finished.

For some reason, all of my seed bead designs end up as brooches, but I could see this one on a fancy chain, it’s still a WIP though while I look at it and decide! The heart was glued on to some embroidery backing and I built up a bezel using size 11’s in shades of green and 15’s in gold. I envisioned it as a sort of flaming heart design and the broken section of an earring fitted for the crown perfectly with it’s green stones. 

I added an extra row of gold seeds around the base and some soutache braid around the edge to hide the rough edges of the backing. Over this I added ‘O’ beads with size 15’s to hold them in place. I left a gap at the bottom to add a dangle, but I’m not sure whether to or not now? I thought I’d look at it for a bit before deciding!

Thank you to Jenny for a wonderful component to design around, I’ve had loads of fun working with it! To see what the rest of the team and guests created with their hearts, follow the links below!



Rosantia Petkova

Shai Williams 

Sally Russick

Elaine Thornton

Art Elements team: 

Lindsay Starr

Laney Mead

Claire Fabian

Sue Kennedy

Diana Ptaszynski

Caroline Dewison

Lesley Watt

Jennifer Cameron

Cooky Schock

Niky Sayers

Cathy Mendola

Jenny Davies-Reazor

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AE Theme Challenge Reveal – Dragons.

It’s my first post of the year so first I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope you all had a great holiday and are enjoying the first days of 2017.

Today is the reveal for Niky’s Challenge. She chose Dragons as the theme, a Brilliant subject!, and tasked us all with creating something inspired by these wonderful creatures. 

I immediately though of one of my favourite films, Spirited Away.

Without giving too much away for anyone who hasn’t seen it, the story follows, a young girl, Chihiro, who is moving with her parents, they stop on the journey to their new home and explore an abandoned theme park. She finds herself in a spirit world and on a mission to rescue her parents. Along the way she meets weird and wonderful creatures including a dragon called Haku. I decided I wanted to have a go at sculpting Japanese dragon bead as I thought a flowing body would look great winding around a pendant. 

I decided to colour my version in shades of blue. The pics aren’t great as it’s 8pm and it’s only just cool enough to take out of the kiln…


I think I might add a bit of white in to his eye so it stands out more!

If you haven’t seen the film, I would recommend it to everyone, it’s amazing! It’s an animation by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli (with English dubbing) and I didn’t know until just now, but was written for young girls which is awesome, as it isn’t your usual pretty princess story, it’s about growing up, overcoming  your fears, and fighting on against the odds. It does have some mild scary bits, but my little girl, 7, (who is scared of everything!) loves it! 


My second favourite dragons are from Game of Thrones, but I thought the actual dragons would be a little too ambitious so I thought why not create them before they’d hatched, so for my second design I created dragon’s eggs! I studied the eggs from the film to recreate a mini bead version.

They were painted with underglaze and glaze fired to finish.


I was thrilled to bits with how they turned out and in the excitement, got slightly carried away. They needed a chest, so I dug out a display box, waxed it, and made an insert with foam and silk fabric to hold the eggs.

I don’t usually go in for trends when I’m making, but I couldn’t resist with these. I’m going to make a necklace so the eggs are interchangeable. 

It’s the wrong Daenerys, she should be wearing her wedding dress, but I don’t have that one… you get the idea! These ones are for my personal collection 🙂 

Thanks to Niky for a brilliant challenge, I’ve had loads of fun creating dragon beads! I hope you’ll join us in the hop to see what dragon themed creations the AE team and guests have dreamed up!



Shai Williams

Kathy Lindemer

Anita Rao

Kelly Rodgers

Tammy Adams


AE Team








Caroline << You are here.

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Beads of Courage Art Charm Swap & Auction

For those of you who were here last year, it’s time for the Beads of Courage Art Charm Exchange and Auction again!

For those of you who weren’t here’s what it’s all about…

The exchange is run by Jennifer Cameron (Glass Addictions) and each year a new theme is set. Each participant makes 11 charms and sends them to Jennifer who then sends us 9 different ones back, plus one of our own. The 11th charm is put in to auction to raise money for the Beads of Courage program.

Beads of Courage is a fantastic charity providing support for children and their families dealing with serious illness.

The Program is a resilience-based intervention designed to support and strengthen children and families coping with serious illness. Through the program children tell their story using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate milestones they have achieved along their unique treatment path.


Each year a theme is chosen to work to, and Jen decided that for 2016 it was Fairytales. I love fairytales and had loads of ideas for what I wanted to make, but I finally decided on Little Red Riding Hood.

My charm was carved in dark clay and glazed in white to pick out the details. It turned out just as I’d hoped with a subtle raised design.


On one side is Little Red Riding Hood with her basket in the forest.

And on the other, is the wolf racing to Granny’s house.


In return for my offerings, I received back some wonderful charms.
















I’m thrilled with everything I received and want to say a big thank you to everyone, they’re all stunning. And an extra big thank you to Jennifer for all her hard work and organising!
You can get your hands on one of mine and everyone else’s charm soon. They will be up for grabs in a charity auction. I’ll share details as soon as I have them 🙂
For now, I hope you’ll join us in the blog hop and see what everyone else has made….

Alenka Obid
Andrea Glick
Angelique Gentry
Brooke Bock
Caroline Dewison
Cassi Paslick
Catherine van Alphen
Charlene Jacka
Helena Hatten
Jen Cameron
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Kathy Lindemer
Leona Smith
Lesley Watt
Lori Anderson
Marianne Baxter
Melissa Trudinger
Michelle McCarthy
Patty Miller
Shai Williams
Sheila Prosterman
Susan Kennedy
Terri Del Signore
Vanessa Gilkes

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AJE Theme Challenge – Trees

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that I was announcing this months AJE Challenge with the theme of trees. It’s been another quick month, but looking back at everything, I managed to create quite a few designs. I suppose it’s easy when it’s your favourite subject!

I’m always inspired by trees, their branches, bark, roots, leaves… walking through a forest would have to be one of my top things to do. It never gets boring, no matter what the season, or the weather, it’s a magical place to be.

As part of the challenge, I gave away a couple of my own beads to two participants to join us. They were a popular design so I created a few in other colours.


If you remember, last month was the headpin challenge, and I had trees on the brain already while I created these gingko and twig headpins.



And for my final bead design, I made these landscape tree beads using multiple glazes and finished with china painted tree designs.



My main make though was inspired by a wonderful video posted by fellow AJE member Laney Mead.


In the video were Dragon’s Blood trees. I’ve seen these before, but never knew what they were, so I hunted out the name and they are just as amazing as they sound!


When cut, they produce a red sap that looks as though they’re bleeding.


The dense interwoven branches of the tree inspired the design in a hand built ceramic bowl. I’ve spent the last few months exploring working larger. Beads are great fun to make, but I wanted a bigger canvas to design on. I’ve been experimenting with in glaze lustre, and it turned out better than I could have ever hoped!


I have to admit, I did a little dance when I opened up the kiln to this!




The colours shift and change depending on the light and the angle.


It’s definitely a keeper 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join us in the blog hop… follow the links below to see what everyone else has created!


AJE Team

Jennifer Stout Cameron

Lesley Watt

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Laney Mead

Niky Sayers

Cooky Schock

Cathy Spivey Mendola

Caroline Dewison << You are here!



Brooke Bock

Karin Grosset Grange

Merja Sundström

Cindy Martin Shaw

Allison L Norfleet Bruenger

Melissa Trudinger

Kathy Lindemer

Gloria Allen

Shai Williams

Tammy Adams

Mona Arnott

Terri Del Signore

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AJE Theme Challenge – Headpins

For this month’s challenge we’re trying something a little different than our usual component of the month. Our blog leader Jen set us a headpin challenge. We could make some in our chosen medium, create something with headpins from another Artisan maker, or both…. pretty much anything goes as long as the design has, as Jen put it, some ‘fancy schmancy’ pins in it!



A beautiful collection of head pins & design from Lesley’s AJE Blog post. Jewellery by TheaJewellery. Click here for details. 

I have only made ceramic headpins once before. They’re difficult in clay if you want them on anything other than high temperature wire. I don’t think it’s as pretty as copper or other wires which will melt while firing, so you need to fire them on something that won’t collapse in the kiln at stoneware temperatures. I rigged up a little firing tray from soft kiln brick with wire wedged in it to hold them and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t open the kiln to a welded lump!

Luckily everything came out well and after fixing with bronze wire the pins were finished.


I’ve been playing around with lots of tree ideas so the first pair were based on buds on a branch.

I like how the buds looked so I tried out a multi bud design. It’s hard to keep everything so small!



Next I tried out some leaves… these are my favourites!


I decided they needed something to finish them off so I added some tiny copper flower spacers.


I had intended to use some of each to create some jewellery, but it’s been a busy month, so I only managed a quick pair of earrings. I love these… they remind me of magic wands!


I’ve really enjoyed working on something smaller and I’ll definitely be trying out some new ideas in the future!

To see what the rest of the AJE Team and special guests have created, join us in the blog hop by following the links below.



Alison Herrington

Renetha Stanziano

Karin Grosset Grange

Gloria Allen

Deb Fortin

Cate van Alphen

Mona Arnott

Shai Williams

Sarajo Wentling

Kathy Lindemer

Solange Collin

Brooke Bock

Melissa Meman

Patricia Handschuh

Tammy Adams

Melissa Trudinger

AJE Team Members:

Caroline Dewison << You are here

Lesley Watt

Cathy Mendola

Jenny Davies-Reazor

Susan Kennedy

Laney Mead

Diana Ptaszynski

Lindsay Starr

Niky Sayers

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AJE Component of the Month – July

Another month has flown by and it’s time for the big reveal of our Component of the month challenge.

This month we were all treated to a gorgeous fossilised pebble pendant from Lesley Watt of TheaElements.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I love Lesley’s stoneware designs, they’re always wonderfully tactile, beautifully finished, and she has all the best glazes!

This is the one I received to work with…


I raided my stash and found a couple of bronze ammonite components (also made by Lesley) that I’d been hiding, which made my decision for how I wanted the design to look. I think these were earring charms, and having large holes for stringing, I decided to join them with leather thong and wrap them with bronze wire. I’m a little bit obsessed with bronze at the minute, it has such a lovely warm colour and looks great with everything!


I chose some matching beads in Czech glass, Amazonite, and some of my own lamp work, and made long connectors for the lower part of the chain.


And finished the top section with Aged seed beads and a Vintaj clasp.


It ended up as quite a simple design, but I think it leaves the focus nicely on the pendant! I’d like to say a big thank you to Lesley for such a gorgeous component to play with 🙂

To join us in the blog hop and see what the rest of the AJE Team plus special guests have made, follow the links below…

Caroline Dewison << You are here.
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AJE Summer Challenge

When Jenny asked the AJE Team ‘What represents Summer?’ I immediately thought of warm evenings and relaxing in the garden.

Early evening is my favourite time… the light has changed, the heat has gone, the bees are making their last trips around the garden before bedtime, and you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine waiting for the stars come out.

That’s the dream… but living in the UK, we’ve not been out much this summer as it’s been throwing it down since May. So for our Summer Theme challenge I decided to create that feeling for myself in a piece of jewellery.


I wanted the focal point to be a bumble bee, we’re lucky enough to have loads in the garden. They love it when we’re slow cutting the grass as they get lots of clover to buzz around in and I can lie for ages watching them visiting each flower. My bee was created from earthenware clay with slots in the side to add etched copper wings.

IMG_2715 (1)

The chain was handmade from bronze wire, with wrapped Czech glass, crystal, and tiny hematite stars.


I need to get myself a mannequin so I can display chains properly. I kept the chain length quite short and it hangs really nicely!

I’m pleased with how this design turned out and it’s got me thinking of other ways I can add a little more mixed media in to my ceramic work.

To see what Summer means to the rest of the AJE Team plus special guests, join our blog hop using the links below…

Caroline Dewison << You are here
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AJE Component of the month – May

Another month has flown by (where is the time going???) and it’s time for our AJE component of the month reveal.
For May, we were treated to some ever so cute tiny glass cabochons from Susan Kennedy of SueBeads.
Aren’t they sweet?
I decided I was just going to use one of the cabs for my design and picked the green star to work with. I had lots of ideas, most involving metal and prongs, but eventually I settled on a brooch using seed beads. I don’t seem to be able to stop buying them… they’re like tiny addictive sweeties available in hundreds of wonderful colours and I need them all!
I decided the star would make  brilliant dragonfly head, so I glued it to some stiff stuff along with some Czech glass flowers and a Hill Tribe Silver shell charm for the body, all held together with a headpin.
IMG_2607 (1)
The wings were added in Bronze and shades of  iridescent pale green, and for a bit of interest, I added Czech glass leaves to the body.
It was finished with a brooch pin and some green leather on the back.
I’m really pleased with how it turned out… I’m still deciding on whether to add a line of beads for an edging… you can still see a little bit of the white stiff stuff, but I’m not sure if it would end up too bulky?
Big thank you to Sue for her wonderful component, it’s been fun designing around it! If you’d like to see what the rest of the team, plus special guests have made with their cabs, join in the blog hop by following the links…
AJE Team Members
Caroline Dewison  <<You are here
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Component of the Month Reveal – April

For this month’s challenge we were all treated to a wonderful Amulet charm by Jenny Davies-Reazor. I’m always amazed by Jenny’s creativity, I love everything she makes, and I particularly love her mixed media work so I was thrilled to receive one of her vessels to create with.


This is mine… I love anything Celtic so it’s perfect!!!


They are made from polymer clay wrapped around aluminium tubing, so they’re hollow inside… perfect for hiding little secrets.

I decided I wanted to make a copper chain for my design, the colour would be a perfect match, and while playing around twisting some wires, I came up with this…


The links are connected with mookaite beads wrapped with thin copper wire. I didn’t realise when I started that it’s the tarnish free type, so when I came to darken it with liver of sulphur it didn’t work. I’m sure it will age a bit with wear and time though.

The links fitted nearly perfectly to the holes in the amulet and to keep them in place I added a bar with a tiny hematite star wrapped around it.


To give the pendant a bit more balance, I added some hammered rods of wire wrapped with some Czech crystals.



I love how it turned out, big thanks to Jenny for a wonderful component to design around, I’ve really enjoyed hammering metal again!


To see what Jenny, the rest of the AJE Team and special guests made with their Amulets, follow the links…


Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio

Alison of Alison Adorns

Jess of The Copper Cat

Brooke from Artistic Endeavors

AJE Team: 


Caroline  << You are here.







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AJE Theme Challenge – March

Instead of the usual Component of the Month Challenge, this month, we’re having a theme challenge.

Hosted by Lindsay Starr, the theme for March is Eyes, and we were all tasked with creating a piece of jewellery or a component around the theme.

As Lindsay says in her post, eyes have been important symbols throughout time, used as symbols of protection, devotion, and spirituality. It’s not something I’ve ever explored in my work, so it was a great challenge to come up with something new.

I decided to try out some ceramic cabochons. My first design comes from Egypt. I have always been fascinated with anything Egyptian, especially the symbols so I chose the Eye of Horus.

The “Eye of Horus” was one of the most important Egyptian Symbols, representing royal power, protection and good health. It is depicted as a human eye with a long tail and brows which are the markings of a hawk. It was a fetish that was believed to embody magical powers and offer magical protection. It also had the power to heal the living and protect the dead.

IMG_2376 (1)

They are painted with underglaze in traditional colours, and I really like how they turned out looking as though they could be relics or shards.

My second design started out as a take on an Art Nouveau style eye.


They didn’t come out as I’d expected, but then I decided when painting they needed lilac eyeshadow. I like how they eventually turned out, they make me think of Picasso paintings!

Thanks to Lindsay for pushing me to try something new, it’s been good fun coming up with something a little different.

If you’d like to see what Lindsay, the rest of the AJE Team plus guests have made for the challenge, follow the links…

Guests –
AJE Members –
Caroline Dewison << You are Here.
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