Competition time..

To everyone that has supported me and liked my page… I’d like to say thank you! This week I reached 200 likes on my page, it’s sneaked up a few more since then, and each one is really appreciated!

To show my appreciation, I’m offering some prizes to my followers…

First up is this bead set.

It’s a mixed media bead set, put together from beads I have made over the last year. It includes

  • A stoneware dragonfly barrel
  • an earthenware celtic knot flat lentil
  • a spotty silver glass lampwork barrel
  • a birdy
  • a golden raku lentil
  • a copper urchin lentil
  • a stoneware bronze barrel
  • a speckled melon
  • a lustred brown fancy barrel with inset glass cabochons
Second prize is one of my birdhouse bead sets with a Mummy, Baby and birdhouse made in black clay…
And finally, third prize is a pair of birds in my favourite glaze…


So what do you need to do to win? Easy, read on…

Over the last few years of making, I’ve gathered a ridiculous amount of beads. A lot of them are what I’d think of as a bit rubbish, there are all sorts of odds and ends, experiments, damaged beads and some proper fuglies. Although I can’t do anything with them, I can’t bear to throw them away… there are hours of hard work in there, so I’ve thought of something to do with them.

This jar is filled with a few handfuls. I’ve no idea what’s in there, but to win one of the prizes I’m offering, simply share something from my facebook page here, and then come back for a guess at how many are in the jar.

A week tomorrow (Sunday 2nd December) I’m going to count them all out and the nearest the number will win the big bead set, the second, the birdhouse set and the third the two birdies.

Each share will give you one guess. If you’d like more guesses, feel free to pin me, share other things on my page or tweet about it, just pop back here after each go, let me know what you’ve done and have another guess.


Please read through any comments and make sure your answers are different to what others have guessed. If you guess the same as someone else did previously, the comment will be removed for fairness.


I’ll announce the winners on Sunday afternoon 🙂


Good luck, and thank you again! x


Caroline x


40 thoughts on “Competition time..

  1. Wow, what lovely gifts. Have shared your beautiful windmill and my guess is 217. Probably too many but am keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. Your work is amazing!!! I’m going to guess 192 beads in there – which looks pretty awesome to me (I have gatherings like that from my studio too!) I like the jar idea – takes up less room than trays, which is where mine are.

  3. ?(???,)? ? ?
    .`?´ ?¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•. ? shared your gorgeous blue bird pendant
    ¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•. ? ?what a fabulous prize.x
    …•°*”˜˜”*°•?my guess is 444 beads.

  4. I’m going to scream that these are all lush! 🙂 And have a guess, as it would be rude not to! 102 … 🙂

  5. I want them sooooo bad!! Posted the lovely pic of your gorgeous 1st prize beads to facebook 🙂
    My guess is 168….

  6. These don’t look like stinkers to me – I know, I’ve a large tin+ of them! I’ve just pinned. Will do Facebook tomorrow – Rejetta’s only just shared this and I think there might be a bit of duplication there! My guess is 164 xx

  7. Just shared your sale on my own and business page on Facebook! My guess is 231. I love your beads by the way! 😀

  8. Caroline said I could keep on posting and guessing…so here goes- 201. I think I’m seeing more beads everytime I look!

  9. Hiya, how exciting, I love the 2nd prize, but would be happy even with odds and sods!! My guess would be 150. Have shared your upside down flower pendant with beads xx

  10. Lol.. nice try Tan! 😉

    Thanks to everyone who has had a guess! Comments are now closed to any more entries… I’m just counting up and will announce the winners asap! x

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