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Bead Giveaway Blog Hop

When Lesley at the Gossiping Goddess asked if any one wanted free beads, well how could I say no?

Her good friend and lampworker, Kaz Baildon had had a clear out and was left with loads of lovely beads that she didn’t know what to do with so they were sent to Lesley who very kindly offered some of them out to anyone participating in her challenge.

It’s been ages since I’ve made jewellery properly, but I’m a both feet kind of girl, so I threw my name in the hat, and was thrilled when I was chosen as one of the lucky winners.
That thrill soon turned to terror when I received the beads and realised I would have to do something with them and actually show everybody, so here goes…

I’ve never made anything with a heart bead before and the colours are not something I would have gone for, but after a rummage around in my box of stuff, I started to form an idea. I’ve been stashing Czech beads for a while and the matt green rondelles went perfectly with the focal heart. I threw everything that looked like it matched in a pile on my desk and narrowed down a few different bits to go in to the design. The Czech beads were wrapped on to copper wire around the heart with Maroon KO thread and held in place with green magatama drops. I then used one of the spacer beads to add a dangle and finished it off with a vintage Czech glass leaf.

It sat on my desk threaded on the silk strings for a couple of weeks untouched as I puzzled what to do with the other spacer. I considered hiding it, but I’m sure Lesley would have noticed!

I had some round knobbly washers which I thought would make a great toggle clasp, but they were bronze and didn’t match the copper in the rest of the design, so they went in to the electroforming bath for a few minutes and tadaaa… they were copper plated. The final spacer was wired up to make the bar with a couple of loops to hold the silk strings and everything was finished with thin copper wire.

I’m pleased with how the final design turned out, and have really enjoyed taking part in the challenge.

Big thanks to Lesley for organising it all (even when poorly!) and to Kaz Baildon for the beads.

You can see more of Kaz’s lovely beads in her Etsy shop >>>

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17 thoughts on “Bead Giveaway Blog Hop

  1. Wow Caroline – what an imaginative design…I’m glad you explained your process or I would never have worked out how you’d connected everything. The result is a beautiful, earthy and unusual piece – love it. Thanks for joining in the challenge.

  2. Wow! I love this, what a really inteeresting way to use the heart. I spotted this bead in the original photo, loved it but wondered what one would do with it, I think you have nailed it! I completely understand the “terror” I had that too ;0)
    Best wishes Claire x

  3. I think it’s just beautiful! I love what you’ve done with the ribbon and how you used earthy colours. Love the tiny beads around the edges too.

  4. Thank you ladies, I still have a slight feeling of terror so your lovely comments are much appreciated 🙂 and thanks for having me Lesley, it’s been good fun! x

  5. I love the colors. Green is my favorite. Your design is so unique. I would love to be able to do what you did with that heart. I will have to try to do it to really understand.

  6. It is always inspiring to see the different designs that show up on a challenge such as this. You made that heart bead look like the special bead it was intended to be. Nice use of color and I like how the silk adds a soft texture.

  7. That’s got to be one of the most creative toggle clasps I’ve ever seen, love it! Aren’t you glad you decided not to hide that bead? lol

    Happy creating!

  8. Awesome! I think it has a really fun indian vibe going on, not the bright colour saturated kind, but the more refined old metal and pattern look. Very pretty, you needn’t have been afraid of these sweet little beads!

  9. Thank you for all your lovely comments 🙂 I’ve loved hopping around seeing what everyone’s made, all the designs are beautiful and it’s great to see such variety! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! x

  10. Oh, this is splendid! I never would have thought to do what you did with that heart or the other beads either! Good thing they landed in your capable, creative hands! Perfect!

  11. Sorry it’s taken a few days for me to get to you!!

    Your necklace is gorgeous and so imaginative!! Not sure I would have come up with such a wonderful design in a million years!!

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