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My first Hop!

I’m really excited to be taking part in my first blog hop, organised by the The Gossiping Goddess

For those of you who haven’t seen her site before, (which I doubt is many) the Goddess is the lovely Lesley Watt of TheaJewellery.

Each of the participants will get a gift of free beads from Lesley, from which we have to make a piece of jewellery , accessory or ornament and share what we’ve made.

Beads by Kaz Baildon

Look at all those goodies!!!

The beads are the result of a clear out by the very talented lampworker, Kaz Baildon, and Lesley has kindly decided to share her bounty and give some out to jewellers around the world to take part in her hop. So I put my name in the hat and was thrilled to be picked as one of the lucky recipients of some stash!

I’d decided a few weeks ago that I’m going to start making jewellery again, so this is the perfect opportunity to give me a kick up the bum and get going again. I’m a bit nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve made anything that wasn’t a gift for one of my family (easy work coz they’ve got to say they like it!) but I’ve got 2 chances, and I quite like the thrill of a challenge.

The date for the big reveal is 12th of December, (handy for a last bit of Christmas shopping if you see something you fancy 😉 ) so keep an eye out for a post from me and the other entrants to see what we’ve made.

See you soon!


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