My latest obsession

If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen my latest obsession… cabochons!

A couple of months ago, I fancied trying something different, so I thought I’d try my hand at carving some designs. Most of my inspiration comes from the natural world, so it was the first place I turned for ideas.

Here’s the results of my first carvings…

Hare & Dragonfly

Nellie, a leafy sea dragon, a face & a bee.

I was so pleased with how these turned out, I made some moulds, and cast them in porcelain so I could paint them with china paints…

And I’m working on more, including this little guy…


He’s currently drying out ready for cooking 😉

So having all these moulds got me thinking, what else can I use them for, so I got myself some resin and did some test casts…

The left is the original made from clay, the right is cast in resin and coated with copper rub ‘n’ buff that I’ve had hanging around for years and never known what to do with! (another good case for never throwing anything away 😉 )

Bee cast in resin with copper verdigris finish


Leafy Sea Dragon

The last three cabs were all cast using copper powder which when set can be buffed to reveal the copper shine. The verdigris effect was done with acrylic paints, but I’m looking at getting some of the new patinas to put some different effects on them! They have picked up all the details brilliantly and the resin casts are lovely and light, perfect for an embroidery centre piece!

Talking of embroidery… I’m going to be at The Bead Shop Liverpool at the beginning of next month having a lesson with the lovely Vicky on how to embroider around them. I’m hoping to be able to do some examples of what they look like beaded, I originally started out trying beadweaving and didn’t get much further than buying a ton of seed beads, (which due to my hoarding nature I still have!) so hopefully I will be able to create something half decent to show them off 😀

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at what I’ve been doing to keep myself busy… just to make sure I don’t get bored, I’ve asked on my facebook page if there were any other animals you’d like to see created as a cabochon, the hedgehog, bee and elephant were all suggestions… if there’s something you’d like to see, add to the post here with your idea 🙂


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