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My soup has arrived!

My bead soup arrived last week… I’ma bit slow posting a picture as I’m busy getting ready to go to the Flame Off next week… soooo excited! I’ll be there with my beads for the whole thing this year, and also there on the Sunday for the bead fair. It’s going to be held at the Silverstone racetrack, and this time even my OH is excited!

But back to my lovely soup… after exchanging a few emails with Doris, I have to say, she’s read me perfectly and I love everything she’s sent. I have lots of ideas of what to make with it, hopefully they’ll be as good in real life as they are in my head!

The lampwork is all made by Doris,, I think you’ll agree that it’s beautiful, and I love the pretty spring colours! The rest of the beads are all from her stash, unfortunately she doesn’t know who from, so shout if you recognise anything!

See you soon for the reveal! x

1 thought on “My soup has arrived!

  1. Cor. You lucky so and so. Really looking forward to seeing how you use this little lot of lovelies – and wondering if you’ll be combining it with your new love for bead embroidery x

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