Win goodies….

It only seems like a couple of weeks since I was doing a giveaway for 200 likers, I can hardly believe I’ve got to 300 so quickly!

Thank you to everyone who’s visited, liked, commented and lurked on my page, it really means a lot!

So to say thank you properly, I will send this bunch of beads to one lucky winner…


So what do you need to do? Simple… just tell me why you should have them!  Leave a comment here on my blog and at the end of the week, my independent adjudicator (my OH) will choose the winner.

Points will be awarded for the funniest/most descriptive reasons you have for deserving these beads! Make him laugh, make him cry, the post that gets the best reaction will be the winner… easy!

Good luck x


26 thoughts on “Win goodies….

  1. Hello Blueberri Beads,

    I would love to win your give away prize as of this year I have started using other artists handmade beads, my jewellery is unique and handmade and I want to use as many handmade components and beads as possible. Etsy has helped me alot with my stock shopping (this is where I found yourself).
    I want to spread ‘HANDMADE’ as far and wide as possible and I love to help and support fellow handmade artists/designers.

  2. I don’t really give a hoot if I win ;-). I’m just having fun imagining how I might use all these lovely components in one piece! I would certainly have fun trying!

  3. I need to win these so I can incorporate the pieces into a totally fabulous piece of bead embroidery. I have loved seeing your new creations take shape recently and I wish I could be as creative with sculptural work as you are.

  4. FYI this comment was “birdjacked” by my lutino peachface lovebird Princess Mango.
    My Mommy should win these beads because she loves all things birds and feathers! And, I know that she will make something FAAAAABULOUS with them!!!
    Thank you for considering my Mommy,
    Princess Mango

  5. I dont really want to win them – I rarely enter comps as I am sure there are loads of people out there who are just starting out in the jewellery business and can’t really afford such lovely items. Whereas, I can, and do, on a frequent basis….maybe when I am REALLY old and my pension succumbs to inflation, you’ll remember me Caroline!

  6. Ha ha, my OH would say BEADS!! MORE BEADS!! What do you need those for! No room for MORE BEADS!! These are gorgeous and might just might drag me away from snowboarding for a wee whiley.

  7. I think I should win cause I’ve worked really hard to lose 4 and a half stone and think that winning these fab beads would be great, plus I love owls xx 🙂

  8. I may have missed the giveaway but I have to tell you I will not miss any others! Your creations are gorgeous!!!!!!

  9. I have recently begun working with your beads, and my seven year old son, who loves to make jewellery is deeply jealous. I tell him he can’t use your beads because they are mummy’s special beads, but if I won this, he could get his wish at last!

  10. Thanks Kristen! You’re not too late, this is running until the weekend 😀

    And thanks to everyone for the comments so far, keep ’em coming 😀

  11. I can’t say I deserve to win these beads any more than the other people who have entered. I can say that I love your beads and would be honored to work with them. I have a long time friend who is a Respiratory Therapist at a children’s hospital, she adores owls and I would really like to create a necklace as a gift to her 🙂

  12. “I don’t really want to win…” like **** I don’t! You inspire me, your beads inspire me…and since you and that inspiration have just set me off in search of clay and courses and who knows what else to add to my ever growing list of creative diversions, I think the least you can do is share some loot with me! Is he laughing yet? No – damn…does he take bribes then? :0)

  13. As soon as I see these competitions my heart jumps with excitement! I would LOVE to win some beautiful quality beads and them owls call me in my sleep! They want to be in one of my creations for me to keep all for myself. I am a new jewellery maker and haven’t yet felt my skills are good enough to indulge in such luxurious beads and pendents. But I have been dreaming …….. Please please please 🙂 x

  14. This post is for Janine, who my site doesn’t seem to like as it won’t let her post!!! I like her tho, so I’ll post it for her 😉

    “Well, to be honest, I’m in desperate need of your beautiful beads.
    Here is why:
    I could really use your owl for its wisdom, as I have exams next week
    and my brain just isn’t able to stuff all the info. The owl would be
    my talisman and I’m sure, wearing it, I will pass the exams.
    With the wings I will fly to beautiful white beaches, palm trees and
    a turquoise sea. I will search for sea urchins and make lovely
    jewelry with the rest of your lovely beads.
    Wearing it I will dance the night away, feeling so happy”

  15. I would love to own these beauties. My bead stash would love to have company until selected for a lovely piece of jewelry. Oh the possibilities of what they would be incorporated in…

  16. I would love to win those beads because I love owls. They are such a hoot. You find owls in lots of stories and jokes like these.
    What did the owl say to the other owl?
    Whooo are yoou?

    What do you call an owl with a sore throat?
    A bird that doesn’t give a hoot!

    What’s a Barn Owl’s favourite Party food?…Mush’Shrew’m ‘Vole’avaunts and Micecream…

    What’s a Barn Owl’s favourite Party food?…Mush’Shrew’m ‘Vole’avaunts and Micecream…

    What’s a Barn Owl’s favourite Party food?…Mush’Shrew’m ‘Vole’avaunts and Micecream…

    What is an owl’s favourite subject at school? Owlgebra!

    I would love to honor your owl in a necklace and devote a blog or 2 about owl jokes, stories, and photos. It would be great fun and I am really trying to get folks to follow my blog. The wonderful owl could be that draw.

  17. I will be completely honest & say I want to win these lovely pieces as I am being selfish & would lovely to make something for myself with them x

  18. I need these and totally deserve to have them because I have bronchitis, which has removed my ability to think creatively and left me completely devoid of motivation. Only a collection as unusual as this could possibly cure me of the horrible beader’s block I have found myself trapped in! *besides, I’m kind of old, too . . . which means that it will take something very, very special to cure what ails me. So help me out here. Please!*

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