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AE Component of the Month-February

All we need is love!

This month’s component of the month are these stunning hearts provided by the multi talented Jenny Davies-Reazor

The Japanese have a technique in pottery – almost a philosophy really – called “Kintsugi“. Breaks in the pottery are repaired and embellished with gold leaf. The breakage and repair is seen as part of the history of the object, rather than a flaw to disguise. Isn’t that an apt metaphor for life? 

So the scars and flaws are evident here in these hearts. I hope that these inspired you – to restore love, in your day to day, and in the world around us. 

-Jenny Davies-Reazor

Read more about Jenny’s inspiration in her original post here.

We got to choose which colour we’d like to design with and I chose sage green. I hadn’t seen the colour, but I knew I’d love anything of Jenny’s and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed!

Of course I got over excited and forgot a pic of it, so here it is after I’d finished.

For some reason, all of my seed bead designs end up as brooches, but I could see this one on a fancy chain, it’s still a WIP though while I look at it and decide! The heart was glued on to some embroidery backing and I built up a bezel using size 11’s in shades of green and 15’s in gold. I envisioned it as a sort of flaming heart design and the broken section of an earring fitted for the crown perfectly with it’s green stones. 

I added an extra row of gold seeds around the base and some soutache braid around the edge to hide the rough edges of the backing. Over this I added ‘O’ beads with size 15’s to hold them in place. I left a gap at the bottom to add a dangle, but I’m not sure whether to or not now? I thought I’d look at it for a bit before deciding!

Thank you to Jenny for a wonderful component to design around, I’ve had loads of fun working with it! To see what the rest of the team and guests created with their hearts, follow the links below!



Rosantia Petkova

Shai Williams 

Sally Russick

Elaine Thornton

Art Elements team: 

Lindsay Starr

Laney Mead

Claire Fabian

Sue Kennedy

Diana Ptaszynski

Caroline Dewison

Lesley Watt

Jennifer Cameron

Cooky Schock

Niky Sayers

Cathy Mendola

Jenny Davies-Reazor

15 thoughts on “AE Component of the Month-February

  1. Love this – makes me think of Alice in Wonderland for some reason…must be the crown. O would leave it dangle free.

  2. I love this! It’s perfect as a brooch but would also be a lovely necklace. I love the idea of using soutache braid along the outside. I bought some several years ago to try & still haven’t used it. Now I just have to try it on something!

  3. I love the crown – and we cant ignore the added symbolism of something broken made whole, made better… I’d say no dangle. For some one who doesn’t seed bead all the time – you sure pull out some genius ideas. The soutache? The O beads? Im writing that down to try ASAP. I love it – I thank you!

  4. I love the top crystal ‘crown’ as the others have said… beautiful work on the bezel and it would look lovely as a brooch or pendant. X

  5. I think I commented yesterday with my Google+ account but as I don’t see my comment, will try again 🙂 This is a stunning piece and though it would look good as a brooch, I think that it would be fabulous shining on someone’s neckline! The crown makes it look vintage and another dangle in the same style won’t harm it. The complementing colors are perfect!

  6. I love it, but what is really blowing my mind is that I’ve never seen O beads used as an edge…MUST TRY!!! Thank you!

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