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AE Theme Challenge – White

It’s the last theme challenge of 2018 and for December, Claire chose White. A brilliant choice with lots of scope for creating. Of course my first thought was snow. As I mulled over ideas, my thoughts were taken to fairy tales, then Narnia. Stepping through the wardrobe in to the world of eternal winter. Meeting Mr Tumnus, and the Snow Queen, riding on her sled and handing out Turkish delight… my favourite! I’ve been playing around with ideas for wooden shrines recently, making wooden boxes containing special things and I thought I could use those ideas to create the magical wardrobe. 

I was really excited to try out my ideas and made everything in the first week of the month, not like me at all. I’m usually a last minute maker! The wardrobe was made from plywood, laser cut and engraved with a design, and the handles and nails were made from jewellery end caps and head pins. 

Inside, the trees were made from coconut matting and scenery supplies along with some hobbycraft fake snow. The background was painted in acrylics to blend with the foreground and look as though you could step right through it and walk off in to the distance. 

I included a drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe. This is to house the electrics. Unfortunately with Christmas happening, time got away from me, so I didn’t get to add the LED light that I want to shine down on to the snow by the lamp post, or give it a coat of beeswax for a nice sheen. I’ll finish it off in the new year! 

Thank to Claire for a brilliant Theme to work with this month, I’ve had lots of fun creating a magical White world!


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18 thoughts on “AE Theme Challenge – White

  1. This wardrobe made me GASP as son as I saw it. I have a thing for the fantasy realm, and we often call our own property Narnia. I love the idea of adding the light to the inside, and that will definitely add to the magic of it. But, it is fantastic as it is!!

  2. Even before I read your post, I looked at the pictures and thought “This looks like Narnia!” I am very impressed with your ability to make a wooden box and your attention for detail. I can almost feel Mr Tumnus waiting just behind the trees.

  3. I am so in love with this!!! The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is one of my favorite books as well as movie. You did an outstanding job on this. Truly a work of art. Just magical:-)

  4. Oh, Caroline, your shrine is too many adjectives to put here!!! I love the idea of shrines, though I’m not at all a religious person. I love the lamp post and looking forward to seeing the LEDs on social media posts. I think one of your creepy (yet wonderful) beings would be interesting in a tree or in the background, just spying .. kind of ….

  5. Oh Carolyn, this is SO amazing! Traveling to Narinia through the wardrobe is one of my favorite parts of the books – so magical! 🙂

  6. Oh! Its all coming together – wood, paint, mixed media. Its so very magical and enchanting. I look forward to seeing where this art journey takes you in 2019.

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