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AE Theme Reveal – Birds of Prey

I’ve had a brilliant time with this month’s theme. For February, Cathy chose Birds of Prey, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just after Christmas, I got a phone call to say I’d won in a raffle. I never win anything so I was really excited to find out that I’d got a years family pass to the local birds of prey sanctuary. We hadn’t got round to going so at the beginning of February I took the theme as the perfect excuse to take us all off for a look at the birds.

It was amazing! All the birds are rescued, mostly from people who think they can keep them as pets and let them go when they find out they’re too demanding. There were some sad stories of how the birds came to be there, but it was wonderful to see them up close and see them thriving under proper care!

I took a million photos, but out of all the birds there, my favourites had to be the owls. Particularly barn owls. I’ve seen them in the wild quite often and was surprised to find out there are only 1-2000 pairs in the UK. We went back the following week for a meet the owls event and I got to see them out of their pens and hopping around their perches.

My first owl was inspired by some moths I’ve been making with opening wings. I adapted the design to make a flapping owl. I like how the eyes turned out on this one!

I’ve been really enjoying painting recently. I’ve always practised, but never really been happy with my work. A new set of fancy paints really made a difference so I made more. These hanging decorations were painted on wood and decorated with beads & crystals to catch the sunlight.

I decided to try out painting on a different surface, so made up a doll shape from calico and stitched and stuffed it.

It’s really fun to paint on, so I made it a friend, this time trying out making a pattern for more shape. Not sure which I prefer, but I do like their eyes!

And finally, my favourite thing… an automaton. This project took most of the month on and off, adding bits and deciding how it would work and look. I’m rubbish at drawing plans and like to let things happen as I make them so I was really happy to see that this turned out just as I’d hoped.

The mechanism is hidden so it looks like the owl is really flying!

Big thanks to Cathy for a wonderful theme, it’s been really inspiring and great fun to work with!

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23 thoughts on “AE Theme Reveal – Birds of Prey

  1. All of your creations are wonderful, but I especially love and appreciate the automaton! I’m not sure why, but these creations really sing to me! Thanks.

  2. I don’t even know where to start…First, I would love to go to a bird of prey sanctuary-how exciting! The inspiration you got from there is mindblowing. I adore the first owl you created like your moths, but your soft sculpture owls are just fabulous. Your paintings on wood are also lovely but the one that has me the most awestruck is the automaton. Oh Caroline!! Your techniques just keep getting better and better.

  3. Such a fabulous array and they’re all wonderful so I can’t pick a favourite…you’ll have to build yourself an owl aviary to keep them all in!

  4. As always, everything you’ve created is delightful and magical. The eyes on the first owl make her look like she’s got a secret. Which, of course, she does and it’s hiding beneath her wings.

  5. You always make the most fantastic things!! I’m gaga for the automaton. It’s magical! But, all of your creations are awesome. And, how cool to have won that pass. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the heck out of that!

  6. As usual, I love every single thing you make. And how fun to go and have some fresh real life inspiration! It definitely looks like the 2 trips paid off…and I’m sure you will have many more too!

  7. What a happy coincidence to be able to see these beautiful creatures! Everything you made is just amazing! I love the second stitched owl – so cute, like a baby! Again, I’m so impressed with the automaton!

  8. I’ll never get how people overestimate the ease of caring for an animal, especially the wilder ones. That thought having been spewed out, the first thing I must say is that I love your automaton (as always!) As for your other owls – fancy paints do make a difference, but it definitely also takes skill to use those paints, and you’ve managed to make your projects look beautiful and fun at the same time. Love them all. 🙂

  9. Awesome Automaton!!! And your painting skills are very developed. I love the eyes on those owls, they remind me of Scarlett O’Hara. Taunting & Scheming :)))).

  10. Your work is so delightful and magical, no matter which medium you use! I have to say that my favorite is also your automaton with the tiny wee gorgeous white owl! She would already have been lovely by herself, but being the central piece in your automaton, just wow! I so love it! 🙂

  11. As always…wow!! you have made me want to drag out my sewing machine and acrylics again, I really enjoyed art doll making over Xmas. Keep painting you have a wonderful and very unique style 😀

  12. Wow! Your work just amazes me – everything you made is so ethereal and beautiful. It has a strong emotional quality which is very appealing. You are so very talented and I love reading your blog. And I found the pics of the sanctuary wonderful too. So glad you were able to observe the owls up close!

  13. I absolutely love your automaton. Great fun! Your always amaze me with the creations you design. Well done!

  14. Well, that worked out perfectly winning the raffle!
    Each one of your pieces is amazing – that is so hard to pick favorites.
    Though I have to say the owl automaton is amazing!

  15. Oh my goodness! Your movable works of art are outstanding! I love how they have such a life force and secrets in them – that independence thing where you just don’t know what is coming next – like they could take off and go out into the wild somewhere… As always your work is more than incredible 🙂

  16. Woohoo! When the video of your owl automata played I could hear the Labyrinth music in my head. I love the soft sculpted ones – and like the changes you made to the second one – fringy edges of fabric are very feathery. I am glad you are painting more – for me it was always the right fluidity or the paints really annoyed me. The lavender eyes are dreamy!

  17. The range of your creativity and imagination are boundless and inspiring. Everything you’ve made is amazing, but my favorite is the flapping owl. My dad used to have a collection of wooden toys, where you pulled the string and they flapped or danced. In German they’re called Hampelmänner. My dad’s collection now hangs on the wall in my baby granddaughter’s nursery.

  18. I’m so in love with your owl automaton as well as the one with the opening wings! It’s so fun seeing what you are coming up with in that direction.

  19. Where even to begin? I love all the things! Your painting is really beautiful such charter in all of their faces, and your dolls are just charming but that automaton WOW, it is magical and dream like!!!

  20. I’ve always thought you were talented, but you have really stepped it up recently. I love everything, but that automaton is just amazing. The owl really looks like it’s flying in a night sky towards the viewer. Just brilliant.

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