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AE Theme Reveal – Luna Moth

I was made up when Jen chose the theme for this month. It was a happy coincidence that I already had some plans for a Luna Moth piece so I didn’t have too much thinking to do! If you’ve been following along with the theme reveals, you will have seen that I’m currently obsessed with automata and this month is no different. I’ve been playing around with incorporating magnets so that things seem to move by magic. I like the idea of not being able to see the mechanism and having people wonder how they work. Earlier in the month I made bees and butterflies, you can see these on my @houseofwonders instagram page.

The moth itself was made from paper and polymer clay, and painted with acrylics. 

I built a mechanism and frame for him to live in and filled it with catkins made from twigs and wool roving, as well as a printed moon.

I took a very wobbly video of him fluttering up to the moon… I need to redo it now the sun’s made an appearance. The day I was filming was so dark and dreary, it turned out looking dreadful, but you get the idea!

I like how he turned out, the wobbly nature of using magnets really lends itself well to creating something that looks fairly realistic.

Next, I thought I’d do a bit of painting. I’ve been wanting to make painted leather cuffs for a while, so took the opportunity to have a go for the theme. This was painted with acrylics.

I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks and it seems to be holding up pretty well!

And finally, I have a WIP. I’ve had to go back to clay this month as I have a fair and classes coming up in May, so I started off making a sprig to use on different things.

This was made in to a mould with potter’s plaster so I can easily reproduce the design over and over. I was disappointed I didn’t get time to get it made in to something finished, but he’s on the list for next week!

This post is part of the Art Elements Theme Challenge blog hop. Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join me for a browse through the list to see what the team and special guests created for the Luna Moth theme… Follow the links below 🙂 



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18 thoughts on “AE Theme Reveal – Luna Moth

  1. I always love coming to your blog Caroline as I never know what medium you will be using and what you will have created all I know is that every time I visit I am blown away by your creativity and your designs and this month is no different! Your luna moths movement is spot on, your acrylic moths are delightful and I can’t wait to see how your clay piece turns out! x

  2. Oh, I love your new automata! The way the moth moves, with this kind of fluttering movement, makes it look so realistic! I love it! The leather cuff is beautiful and I am also really curious how well the paint will hold on over time. I think a little bit change due to use can also look wonderful. The little clay moth already looks wonderful and I think it would also create a cool design as a stamp / print! It looks so cool how you stylized and simplified the luna moth shape and kept the essence still there! I find this step so difficult!

  3. Another stunning automata to add to the collection and the cuff is beautiful… you should get a stall at a festival with those!

  4. I love seeing your automata’s and this one is just perfect. The cuff is gorgeous – love the colors that came out on the moths. Can’t wait to see your final piece created!

  5. That moth automata is amazing!….and I can’t WAIT to see the results of your moth mold!…I’ll be back!

  6. Another fabulous automata piece this month. I just love the luna moth flitting around between the pussy willows! And that bracelet is beautiful-the colors are fabulous. Can’t wait to see what you make with the clay luna moth.

  7. Your automata are so magical. The backgrounds are perfectly matched to the focal subject and the movements are enchanting. Love the moths you painted on the cuff. They are gorgeous. And I look forward to what you make in clay with that fabulous mold.

  8. I’ve been so excited to see what you’d create for this challenge and was hoping you’d do another automaton. It is so beautiful and I love the fluttering motion the magnet mechanism gives the moth. The leather cuff is lovely too. I really enjoy seeing your blog posts and your wonderful creations.

  9. I’m absolutely fascinated with your automata and this one is no exception! The leather cuff is beautiful with those brightly colored moths! I’m sure the clay piece will be gorgeous!

  10. I love the work you’ve been doing this year (late last year too? I have no sense of time any more…) with the automata, and this is no exception. I adore the moth among the catkins (we call them pussy willows) and the movement it makes. Your automata are so fun! The leather cuff is stunning and it’s good to hear the paint is holding up. Looking forward to seeing all the clay pieces that come out in the next couple months 🙂

  11. You’re right, Caroline, the magnets add a fluttery, old-world mechanical feel to the automata and it’s soooo cute. I admire your leather cuff too, did you use stain on the inside too? I’m becoming addicted to leather painting, methinks 🙂 And the antennae on the cuff are fluffy, love that touch!

  12. Ooh painted with acrylics… Note to self. I love it all. The magnet wobble is naturally perfect! Although now I am seeing luna moth combined with your paper flowers from your last post. And the spring! Trinket dishes? Mugs> Lustre? YES!

  13. Your pieces are so magical!

    The colors and composition of your leather cuff are absolutely beautiful.

    Your automata–wow! Lindsay has been telling me about these, and I am blown away. You’re absolutely right, the way the magnets move makes the moth look like she is alive, fluttering through the night sky. I love this so much.

  14. Stunning work! I can’t do anything that moves, huge kudos to you for your work with the automatas! The leather cuffs is neat too!

  15. I love your automata, and I love seeing them on Instagram, all your designs are magical, surprising and so inspiriing!

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