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AE Theme Reveal – Repurposing

This month’s theme challenge was set by Lesley, and she decided to do things a little differently than usual. Rather than giving us a topic, we were given the task to repurpose something…. recycling it in to something other than it’s intended use. I have to admit, it threw me a little, but after a good think and a hunt around for something to do, hopefully I’ve done it right!

I started out with some glass petri dishes. Usually used for scientific tests, I thought they’d make perfect containers for tiny little scenes.

I used polymer clay in the base to create rocks and lily pads, and added gravel, weeds, and tiny lotus flowers made from paper. I added a first layer of tinted resin to make the water.

I made a tiny Mandarin duck from polymer clay.

And added him and the lily pads on top of a second layer of resin. Here he is finished.

I was really pleased with how it turned out and put him away to cure completely. Unfortunately, it didn’t survive… I didn’t know, but resin will expand and contract with heat and cold, and having it in the shed during the weird weather we’ve been having cracked the petri dish 🙁 I learned a lesson, but too late as I worked on a second piece just after. This time, a kingfisher waiting to catch his dinner.

The bowl was made from an upturned Christmas ornament, and the wooden base was made from an old fence post.

I’m keeping this one indoors and hopefully it will be ok! I’m a bit disappointed as I thought it was a really good idea, but I’ve bought some plastic petri dishes to try again and hopefully they will work out!

I’ve been really having fun with creating in miniature, so I decided to go for one final piece, this time, with a grassy base in the other half of the petri dish. You may have seen my blog post on making stone fairies a couple of weeks ago.

I decided to have a go at making tiny versions for a little fairy ring. You can see how mini they are from the ladybird.

The base was made from foam and scenery supplies, the ferns from paper and the fairies from polymer clay. They look like they’ve been frozen in stone!

I’ve really enjoyed this months challenge and it’s really pushed me to try something completely different, so big thanks to Lesley for the brilliant inspiration!

Hope you’ll join me for the blog hop to see what everyone else has recycled, reused and repurposed for the challenge. Follow the links below…




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14 thoughts on “AE Theme Reveal – Repurposing

  1. What a shame the petri dish cracked – your little duck looked so at home. 🙁 I love the Kinsgfisher and the fairy stones are adorable… hope you’ll make more. Many thanks for joining us in this challenge.

  2. Oh I love what you made – so sorry the petri dish cracked – your detail on that duck is fantastic! I love the fairy stones,too! I have to try it with some rocks I found in Iceland – I’m picturing little vikings!

  3. I hope your plastic petri dishes hold up better, your idea is a great one and the painting on the birds is right on! I especially like the fairy ring, it just makes me smile and those little beings remind me of the statues on Easter Island … a huge difference in size tho 🙂

  4. Oh, I hate to hear your first one cracked. That’s a real shame. It was beautiful. But, the other two are not outdone by it by any means. I’m smitten with that fairy ring. Your picture with the ladybug on one of the fairies is just adorable too!

  5. What a shame on the dish 🙁 I hope you do do another one, I never had much luck with resin I couldn’t get it to set! I didn’t realize your stone carvings were so dainty, love that photo with the ladybug 😀

  6. I love all your miniature scenes, those little fairies are taking me to another world!

  7. These are all amazing pieces Caroline, what a shame about the glass dish the Mandarin duck is stunning! I love every thing!!!

  8. I am so sorry about the first petri dish cracking-it was so lovely with the duck and the water lilies. Your second piece is also lovely with the round ornament. But my favorite is the fairy ring. I love your little stone fairies.

  9. I loved the duck swimming in the pond and wanted to know how you made the ripples. Its quite sad that the dish cracked. I thought that the resin was supposed to stop any and all cracking.

  10. Oh how sad about the petri dish! I loved it so much! At least you got a photo…not that it’s much consolation. Fingers crossed the other one makes it! The fairy ring is too cute. You are simply amazing.

  11. I am so sorry the resin cracked the Petri dish. I was aware it heated up as it cured, but I am always working inside a more stable temperature so who would have guessed? The kingfisher looks wonderful. You totally have me hooked with the wee little Viking stone men. Like a modern retelling of the Lewis chessmen with some faerie dust sprinkled on…

  12. The fairy ring appears magical, I love it! It was nice of the ladybug to put in an appearance for the photoshoot. 🙂 Shame about the petridish, the tiny scenery and the tiny duck were pretty awesome-looking. I did not know that resin reacts to heat/cold like that after curing. The kingfisher project looks brilliant, though! Your paper cutouts are pretty realistic – admirable!

  13. Your miniature birds are spectacular in their micro habitats. I will add my sympathies for the cracked petri dish. I don’t work with resin often because every time I do something different goes wrong and I get frustrated anew. The fairy ring is so enchanting. It makes me wish I could shrink myself to hang out with them.

  14. I think your miniature scenes are fabulous! I can’t even imagine making something so small! Fantastic makes!

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