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AJE Component of the Month – September

All of a sudden it’s Autumn. This year has flown by and already we’re at the end of September, which means it’s time for the Component of the month reveal.

This month we were treated to ceramic components from Linda Landig.


Linda hasn’t been working with ceramics for very long, but already her pieces are lovely!

As usual I forgot to take a picture… I asked for a surprise and received the middle top design.

I love the autumn colours, it’s my favourite season of the year so it was great to work to a theme.


I gathered lots of supplies and played around and decided to create a bit of movement around the pendant. I added copper chain to the loops, some dangles of Czech glass flowers and leaves, and a copper component from Kristi Bowman Design. The bottom leaves are free moving around the chain, but the rest are fixed so that you don’t end up with a big cluster at the bottom.


To begin with, I strung beads on either side of the pendant, but I didn’t like how it looked, so after a rummage around in my stash I found this perfect ribbon from Diane at Sowzere. This was double threaded through the loops and I added a tyvek bead from Carolyn Saxby, one of my ceramic beads and a lamp work bead from Mad Cat Glass.


The ribbon was finished off with one of my favourite head pin clasps, made with pins from Glass Addictions and some wrapped copper wire.


Thanks to Linda for a wonderfully inspiring component, it’s been fun working with it! And if you’d like to see what the rest of the team plus special guests have made with their components… follow the links!



14 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – September

  1. I love all the trinkets you used, they look wonderful with Linda’s beautiful Focal. Happy to see one of my Copper leaves in there too. Beautiful Caroline!

  2. What a beautiful design, I never would have thought to add chain and charms to the bottom like that, fantastic! I love that clasp it finishes off the piece perfectly!

  3. I love the chain and added elements. It was a largish focal – and you have made it more so. Which works when on a simple, colorful silk. Like you played to its strengths.

  4. I literally gasped when I saw your design. The ribbon is just luscious with the colors in the pendant! Using the chain around the bottom is so clever and dangles can sway like leaves fall from the branches! Gorgeous work!

  5. that ribbon/Carolyn saxby bead combination absolutely makes this for me – gorgeous!

  6. Love luv how the ribbon coordinates so perfectly. The unique clasp you created. And of course what would it be without dangles. Just a beautiful piece of Art with a wonderful collection of elements.

  7. You’ve included so many wonderful elements here and achieved a softness with the dangles and the ribbon. I love it. It looks like a fall walk feels.

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