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AJE June Theme Challenge – Fireflies

This month we’re taking a break again from our regular Component of the month reveals and running another theme challenge.

It’s our blog team leader, the lovely Jen Cameron’s turn to set the theme, and for June she chose fireflies.

I have to admit, I struggled at first to come up with an idea as they’re not something I’ve seen up in the North of England, I was lucky enough to see them once, at the Glastonbury festival, and they were magical. So not having much to go on, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

During the day, they’re not the most inspiring subject.

Daytime Firefly


But once the light dims, they put on an amazing show.

Each time I searched the same picture kept popping up. I’ve been exploring ideas with trees in porcelain, so this was perfect for my inspiration.

Fireflies by Yume Cyan


The photograph was taken by Yume Cyan in a forested area near Nagoya City, Japan. You can see more of these amazing long exposure shots here.

And here is my interpretation, hand carved in porcelain and fired multiple times with china paints, powders, and lustres.

Blueberribeads Fireflies


Blueberribeads Fireflies


Blueberribeads Fireflies


A few days after making these, I was playing on my lampwork torch and by accident, a second idea emerged…

They are a total pain to photograph, it’s difficult to catch the depth and reflections in the same picture, but hopefully you can see the threads of silver glass and fine silver wire running through them.

Blueberribeads Fireflies


Blueberribeads Fireflies


The little dots of silver wire glow behind the trees (not that you can tell from my photographs!)


I’d like to say a big thank you to Jen, I’ve really enjoyed rising to the firefly challenge and it’s been great fun exploring a subject that I didn’t have any immediate inspiration for.

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17 thoughts on “AJE June Theme Challenge – Fireflies

  1. Utterly stunning each and every one, so much so I could not choose a favourite even if I had too! I love the shading and the colours in your clay pieces and you really caught the magic of the fire flies, just stunning!!!!!!

  2. Wow. I was totally loving all your ceramic firefly forest pendants and then, wow, the glass. I can only imagine how amazing they look in person. Spectacular.

  3. Heavens, woman. You never cease to amaze me. I applaud your patience and stick-to-itiveness with multiple firings. And then there is the glass. Wow.

  4. The porcelain pendants blew me away. So “right” and so varied. And the glass pieces! Love them.

  5. I’ve lived these pendants you did from the moment I caught a glimpse of the first ones on my Facebook feed, to say they are beautiful is an understatement, and now lampwork!? You’ve seriously got me covering those, just awesome!

  6. I’ve loved these pendants you made since the first time I saw them on my FB newsfeed. And now lampwork ones!? I’m seriously coveting these!

  7. You’ve definitely captured that magic. I’m so in love the purple/blue pendants – just amazing!

  8. Beautiful beads Caroline and I love the way you’ve taken the theme across different mediums.

  9. Oh yes I see the silver dots in the glass beads. They are perfect. I’m in love with the porcelin tree beads!!!! They are gorgeous!

  10. Oh, wow! just *wow*… all your beads are incredibly beautiful, incredibly perfectly matching the inspiration picture, and magical just like the real fireflies. Love them all ~ ceramic or glass, you did it perfectly!

  11. I totally LOVE these! They are so wonderful! I do have a favorite, well, actually more than one! One can tell you had such fun making these!

  12. i thought that I was in love with your ceramic focals until I saw he lampwork. Those beads totally blew me away. Incredible!

  13. Wow, you’re a master on the torch as well as with the clay! Love both versions of fireflies, they are just stunners!

  14. I have to agree…WOW…ALL your pieces are just stunning. I love the trees in the clay ones as they look like real bark. I had to look hard to tell they weren’t. And the glass beads….stunning! Excellent job!

  15. I’m pretty sure I need one of those forest pendants. But I couldn’t even pick a favorite. They are just so luminous! The lampwork is to die for and I wish we could see them in person. Great work and thanks for participating in the challenge!

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