AJE Summer Challenge

When Jenny asked the AJE Team ‘What represents Summer?’ I immediately thought of warm evenings and relaxing in the garden.

Early evening is my favourite time… the light has changed, the heat has gone, the bees are making their last trips around the garden before bedtime, and you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine waiting for the stars come out.

That’s the dream… but living in the UK, we’ve not been out much this summer as it’s been throwing it down since May. So for our Summer Theme challenge I decided to create that feeling for myself in a piece of jewellery.


I wanted the focal point to be a bumble bee, we’re lucky enough to have loads in the garden. They love it when we’re slow cutting the grass as they get lots of clover to buzz around in and I can lie for ages watching them visiting each flower. My bee was created from earthenware clay with slots in the side to add etched copper wings.

IMG_2715 (1)

The chain was handmade from bronze wire, with wrapped Czech glass, crystal, and tiny hematite stars.


I need to get myself a mannequin so I can display chains properly. I kept the chain length quite short and it hangs really nicely!

I’m pleased with how this design turned out and it’s got me thinking of other ways I can add a little more mixed media in to my ceramic work.

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13 thoughts on “AJE Summer Challenge

  1. I relate so much to the summer evenings atmosphere – but at the balcony in a city flat 🙂 Too bad the early evening shows 9 p.m. on the summertime clock. Looking at your necklace, I can see the bees and flower heads in the dusk and the golden hues of the setting sun. Love it!

  2. I love your necklace. The bee and copper links are wonderful component. I am pretty fond of the colors too. Well done!

  3. Whoa! Cool!
    Mix more media! I solve this idea!

    Love the necklace, greens and jewel tones. But especially your wire choice. Its so sunny!

  4. Oh my gosh Caroline, that Bee!!!! Just amazing, I love the mix media idea (his wings are WOW) and your piece is perfect! I love watching the bees buzzing around in the summer but miss having my own garden sitting in a shared garden is no where near as fun!

  5. What a wonderful memory made into beautiful wearable art. Bumble bees are awesome. There’s something so zen about them. The colors you chose for the beads in the neckline are perfect for the imagery. Gorgeous necklace.

  6. I love a warm summer evening, especially if you can spend it outside! What a cute bumblebee, and the colours really say evening!

  7. What a fun necklace! I love your little bee… so adorable. Maybe your garden themed jewelry will help usher in some more summery weather soon.

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