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AJE Theme Challenge – Headpins

For this month’s challenge we’re trying something a little different than our usual component of the month. Our blog leader Jen set us a headpin challenge. We could make some in our chosen medium, create something with headpins from another Artisan maker, or both…. pretty much anything goes as long as the design has, as Jen put it, some ‘fancy schmancy’ pins in it!



A beautiful collection of head pins & design from Lesley’s AJE Blog post. Jewellery by TheaJewellery. Click here for details. 

I have only made ceramic headpins once before. They’re difficult in clay if you want them on anything other than high temperature wire. I don’t think it’s as pretty as copper or other wires which will melt while firing, so you need to fire them on something that won’t collapse in the kiln at stoneware temperatures. I rigged up a little firing tray from soft kiln brick with wire wedged in it to hold them and crossed my fingers I wouldn’t open the kiln to a welded lump!

Luckily everything came out well and after fixing with bronze wire the pins were finished.


I’ve been playing around with lots of tree ideas so the first pair were based on buds on a branch.

I like how the buds looked so I tried out a multi bud design. It’s hard to keep everything so small!



Next I tried out some leaves… these are my favourites!


I decided they needed something to finish them off so I added some tiny copper flower spacers.


I had intended to use some of each to create some jewellery, but it’s been a busy month, so I only managed a quick pair of earrings. I love these… they remind me of magic wands!


I’ve really enjoyed working on something smaller and I’ll definitely be trying out some new ideas in the future!

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21 thoughts on “AJE Theme Challenge – Headpins

  1. love them all but the ginkgo leaves are by far my favourite. it might be the colour as well because i have been using yellow greens in most everything I do for the past year or so. The wee buds are darn cute . I didn’t realise that wire was susceptible to burning away in a kiln. Good thing I don’t do kiln work. lol
    I have some of your beads that I got from my partner in the first Bead Soup swap I did. several years ago now. I still have them ’cause it’s so hard to part with them.

  2. Beautiful, the multibud headpins are unique but my favorites are the ginkgo leaves, I cannot resist their shape and colors.

  3. Love, love, love the gingko headpins! Will you be selling any? I am now hooked on art headpins thanks to AJE.

  4. Thanks Cathy… I think they’re a pretty cool addiction! These will be in my shop early next month. I’ll post on my FB page when they’re in 🙂

  5. Just also have to say: I love the leaves! They look so beautiful and magical! They would make simply adorable earrings just as charms with nothing else 🙂 I also need a pair definitely! I have a friend who loves gingko leaves and they would make the perfect earrings for her (and christmas is close!). 🙂

  6. The earrings are spectacular and the budding tree branches are simply amazing. And those leaves? Wow. Show stoppers. All the colors and textures in your designs are a wonderful tribute to the magic of nature.

  7. Caroline, seriously, why is it that everything you make is delightful? Those little ginko leaves are awesome! I want to make a tassel with a whole slew of them!

  8. I thought those earrings looked like wands too. You could call them Harry Potter earrings or something. The leaves (look like gingko leaves) are gorgeous! I had to laugh reading my words because I totally forgot I said that.

  9. You never cease to amaze me Caroline! I love your headpins they are stunning as are your earrings!

  10. I especially like the ginko leaves. I love how you added the spacer bead to it. Both look wonderful together.

  11. Really love those twig earrings…and don’t know how I lucked out, but managed to get to some of your new arrivals in your shop. Yours are my absolute favorite ceramic beads.

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