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AJE Theme Challenge – Trees

It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that I was announcing this months AJE Challenge with the theme of trees. It’s been another quick month, but looking back at everything, I managed to create quite a few designs. I suppose it’s easy when it’s your favourite subject!

I’m always inspired by trees, their branches, bark, roots, leaves… walking through a forest would have to be one of my top things to do. It never gets boring, no matter what the season, or the weather, it’s a magical place to be.

As part of the challenge, I gave away a couple of my own beads to two participants to join us. They were a popular design so I created a few in other colours.


If you remember, last month was the headpin challenge, and I had trees on the brain already while I created these gingko and twig headpins.



And for my final bead design, I made these landscape tree beads using multiple glazes and finished with china painted tree designs.



My main make though was inspired by a wonderful video posted by fellow AJE member Laney Mead.


In the video were Dragon’s Blood trees. I’ve seen these before, but never knew what they were, so I hunted out the name and they are just as amazing as they sound!


When cut, they produce a red sap that looks as though they’re bleeding.


The dense interwoven branches of the tree inspired the design in a hand built ceramic bowl. I’ve spent the last few months exploring working larger. Beads are great fun to make, but I wanted a bigger canvas to design on. I’ve been experimenting with in glaze lustre, and it turned out better than I could have ever hoped!


I have to admit, I did a little dance when I opened up the kiln to this!




The colours shift and change depending on the light and the angle.


It’s definitely a keeper 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll join us in the blog hop… follow the links below to see what everyone else has created!


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19 thoughts on “AJE Theme Challenge – Trees

  1. I just LOVE every thing! The beads are stunning and the bowl! I can see why it is a keeper! Thank you so much for the inspiration Caroline!

  2. WOW!! I don’t know where to start. Obviously, I am a fan of your ceramic beads and pendants. Your newest ones with the glazes and china painting are gorgeous!! BUT the bowl….spectacular colors!! I am sure in person that it is even more beautiful.Thanks for hosting this wonderful tree theme! It appears that we all have a great love for trees. and are constantly inspired by them.

  3. As always your beads are wonderful but oh that Bowl is something special…thanks for hosting this challenge for us.

  4. Oh Caroline! All the beads are fascinating! But the bowl is SUPERbowl!!! What a huge creativity you have. Thank you for this inspiring challenge. And the bead! Only bad thing was I had at last so little time that I made my necklace last night.

  5. Sigh. I could stare into the watercolor landscapes on your beads for hours. But the luster bowl! Heavens! I dont have words excited enough to describe…. Thanks for a great inspiration and a great theme!

  6. Wowza! The beads are beauties for sure, but that bowl is a total show stopper. I could stare into it for hours, imagining myself in a magical forest. Thanks so much for the great inspiration theme.

  7. Those painted tree beads are amazing – I love the colors and details!! I had to smile about the little dance!! I would have a little dance too!! That bowl is spectacular!! Thanks for the inspiring challange!! I really love the trees you shared about too!! Dragons blood trees!!? How facinating!!

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