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Art Elements Theme Challenge – Fairy

It was my turn this month to host the Art Elements Theme Challenge and I chose Fairy. I picked the theme earlier in the year with an ulterior motive as I wanted to explore lots of ideas I had for creating models and scenes, and this was the perfect excuse to spend some serious time on them without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else!

To me, fairy suggests secret places, nature spirits, things that you might not necessarily see on first glance and that’s where I went with my first idea. 

I love luna moths, they’re one of my favourite creatures, so I decided to create one as a fairy… 

I added him to a small scene I created in a glass cloche, but I’m going to redo part of that as the leaves have drooped a bit. I think I’ll hunt out or make some silk leaves instead!

I loved the idea of insects really being fairies, so I decided to make more inspired by mounted insect frames.

This mounted fairy Communia Sepe Nympha, or common hedge fairy, might go unnoticed fluttering about the hedgerows, but look closer and you’ll see that it’s not what you’d first expect. He is based on a real butterfly and has been created from fabric and polymer clay. 

The same with this elf grasshopper. He lives in meadows and can be heard singing during warm summer evenings. 

He has been mounted on water stained paper for an antique finish. 

My next idea was for a fairy ring. These are fascinating growths of mushrooms which originate in the centre of the ring. The spores spread outwards with the mushrooms growing at the edges. It’s said that if you step inside a fairy ring, you will be transported to the fairy world. My lovely husband got me this little glass dome but I didn’t like the base, so I turned a new one in ash and stained it. 

I used scenery modelling supplies for the rocks and flora, and created tiny mushrooms with pins and polymer clay. 

I loved how this turned out, so I made more in box frames. I’m glad to have something to do with them… I keep buying them with no purpose!

And finally, I created some fairy mushrooms. They are hand painted ceramic clay and sit on top of a turned oak base. The single red mushroom will be given away as a prize to one of our guest participants. 

This theme challenge has been brilliant fun. I’ve really enjoyed creating these models and heading off in a different direction with my work. Sometimes I’ve felt as though it wasn’t really grown up to be doing things like this, but I’m over that and I’ve opened up an Etsy shop. It’s called A House of Wonders inspired by a wonderful museum exhibit I saw in Buxton. The Victorians loved curiosities and had regular shows exhibiting wonders from around the world, so I’ve named my shop after that. 


Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll join me in the blog hop to see what everyone else has made inspired by fairies! Follow the links below šŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Fairy

  1. Your mounted insects are truly a delight to see. I hope you’ll add a little story to each. Such a novel idea!!!
    Congrats on your new Etsy store. I’m sure you’ll have lots of success.

  2. I love the winged creatures, are they ceramic too? I particularly like the image of the luna month in your garden. He looks like a real faerie waiting and watching the humans

  3. Your insect fairies are such a great idea! They look wonderful and strangely believable for faries! All the mushrooms are so cool. I especially love your tiny wee mushroom rings! They are stunning! I so love them all! šŸ™‚

  4. Being grown up is huuugely overrated sometimes. I love your insect fairies, they made me squee out loud! And the mushrooms are so cute. Congrats on the new shop!

  5. I love seeing all of the details that go into your work – it is such an amazing talent. I look forward to seeing what comes up in your House of Wonders – I am going to hop over and favorite it! Thanks for picking such a fun theme – one of my favorites šŸ™‚

  6. You never cease to amaze me!! I absolutely adore the direction your work has taken. You obviously enjoyed this theme & created so many wonderful pieces. I was blown over by the first piece-the luna moth fairy in the cloche; but then with each scroll downward on your post I was even more amazed. So delightful!! Thanks for coming up with this theme:-)

  7. Your insect fairies are fantastic and exactly how I envision the smaller members of the fae realm would look. The sort of thing you think you saw out of the corner of your eye, but when you look again, it’s gone. The fairy circles are charming and the little toadstools are delightful. Your art is magical.

  8. Your pieces are all so sublime, they give me the chills in their spectacular-ness. You have some serious talent and vision. I love them all!! The fairy circle under the dome especially grabs my attention. And, I’m wowed that you turned those wood pieces yourself. One day I hope to learn to operate a wood lathe too. Thank you SO MUCH for this inspiration. It definitely got my creative juices flowing (once I finally started on it), and made me step outside my usual box.

  9. First, thank you for such an entertaining challenge theme! plus, it was so uplifting to blog hop and see everyone’s ideas!
    Your fairy mounts are such a fun idea! I could see you taking this and making many many many more!

  10. You are one clever lady…. Wood turning added to you many talents…. Love all your makes…. Them mushroom/toadstools are wonderful love the blue ones… Cool xx

  11. Where to begin? I love your insect fairies they are just wonderful and some thing that you could make so many of, could you imagine a glass winged butterfly fairy with real glass wings and a bronze metal clay body that would be so very cool! And then there are your fairy rings these are just spectacular I rather love them, all so amazing and I am loving the new shop!

  12. Thank you for such a great theme. I liked working with it this month – and always. I had noticed the new watermark – will go look at the shop. Your pieces this month are STUNNING. I mean wow. the fairies! the mushrooms. I am blown away!

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