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Art Elements Theme Challenge – Rock pools

I’m loving our new theme challenges over on the Art Elements Blog. They’re providing so much inspiration and this month is no exception. I have many fond memories of clambering over rocks and dipping in pools as a child… I have quite a few as an adult as well. It really is something that you never grow out of.  

I was always fascinated by the tiny underwater worlds that would change bringing new treasure with each tide. It was fun to poke around, hoping to find a mermaids purse or a live sea urchin. And away from the beach, I loved to read through my nature book, especially the life in a rock pool page. 


Although they’re probably viewed as one of the most boring things on the beach, I’m always drawn towards limpets and barnacles. I love their camouflage, looking as though they’re part of the rock, and that they can survive by sealing themselves until the tide returns.

They’re actually pretty cute too!

I had a few limpet shells hanging around so I made a plaster mould by covering them in mould soap and pushing them in to  wet plaster just as it was starting to harden. Once dry, I could reproduce as many limpets as I liked. I’ve been doing a bit of multi tasking as I’m getting ready for a show, so I decided to run them through a raku firing with some of the beads I was making. They were glazed in a turquoise blue to (hopefully) look like watery pools. And a test one was done in a lustre glaze just to see. 

I was thrilled when they came out just as I’d imagined.

I love that raku firing gives such unpredictable results and the gas firing has a wonderful effect on the glaze altering it from a flat colour to a beautiful and varied finish.

And the lustre test… I thought when I first pulled it out that it was pretty, but boring…

But when I turned it in the light it had the most gorgeous finish, like sunlight on the water. Bet I can’t do that again!

Lustre glazing really brings out my inner magpie! #nofilter!

Thanks to Lesley for a brilliant theme for this month… it’s been fun and really got me back in to raku firing. I’m looking forward to working more with this idea.


I hope you’ll join me in the blog hop… I’ll be away at a show as this is posting, but I’ll be round to visit and see everyone’s rock pool creations first thing next week when I get back! Just follow the links below πŸ™‚ 




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18 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Rock pools

  1. Hi Caroline, this was a great theme wasn’t it, so many ideas so little time. I think your limpets are amazing, and I love the raku glaze with them, very inspired!

  2. Love your limpets Caroline – I can envisage a whole host of ways you can expand on this idea> Stunning glazes too. πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  3. They are beautiful! I’m not sure what you’re doing with them, but they seem large enough that you could put them in your garden! You always make great things!

  4. I love both the unpredictable results of raku and the lovely lustre finish! And I too am curious to find out what you’ll do with these pieces. πŸ™‚

  5. I ligit gasped at that lustre test one. Gorgeous!!!! And limpets aren’t boring — they are AWESOME!

  6. Great concept idea and realization but the masterful glazing takes the win for these pieces!! I love both the raku glaze and the one with the lustre glaze as well. One showy and one muted but both capture the essence of ocean so well. Nicely done!

  7. Okay, I think you dishes are my favorite pieces of the whole theme challenge! All the subtle details, how the glaze pools and all the details and shades the Raku firing created! I could go on and on over all the little details but just so you know, I love them!

  8. I love the theme too. Your limpets turned out beautifully. I love the Raku glaze.

  9. I don’t see what’s boring about barnacles or limpets, either. You did such a wonderful job here and the lustre – wow!

  10. Caroline I love how when ever I visit your blog, I never know what medium to expect but it is always something stunning that makes me gasp! I love them all and then that last photo, just WOW!

  11. The colors on your pieces came out so realistic and stunning! I’m sure you see a new pallette no matter which angle you look from! I experienced Raku firing over 30 years ago when I took a couple semesters of Pottery class at a local college. I loved it and the effects, still have the pieces.

  12. Gorgeous. your glaze results are stellar. You really are a glaze alchemist. Have a wonderful Flame Off – and hope to see more limpets in the future!

  13. Having seen them in person I can honestly say your photos are not sparkly enough!! these are lovely pieces πŸ˜‰

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