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Art Elements Theme Challenge – Seed Pods

It’s reveal day for the Art Elements Theme Challenge, and this month it was Jen’s turn to host with the theme of seed pods. Read her post here. I was really inspired by this theme and had loads of plans and ideas. I was particularly taken with snap dragon seed heads, the little skulls are amazing and I pick some every autumn to sprinkle and spread their seeds. The kids also love the talking flowers! 

Unfortunately, I forgot it was the end of the school year, and part of nearly every day for the last two weeks was taken up with concerts, trips, sports days, discos and assemblies so my play time was seriously reduced. I had to do a bit of multi tasking, so while making some mugs, I decided to try out a new decorating technique I’ve been playing with and make myself a seed head mug. 



I started out with a couple of rough sketches, in pencil and watercolour of poppy seed heads.

And a white glazed unfired mug.

The design changed slightly as I sketched it on to the mug in pencil, the pods became more elongated. I added stems and small leaves. I’m terrible at reproducing sketches… they never end up as they started out!

This was then painted with cobalt oxide mixed with water, trying to vary the thickness of the mix for a bit of contrast, and fired. 

I’m pleased with how it turned out, I’m a bit miffed I didn’t get to do more with my original ideas though, but they’ll keep for another day! If you’d like to know more about the technique, head over to the Art Elements blog on Friday for a more in-depth post!


This is a blog hop, I hope you’ll join myself, the rest of the team, and guests to see what they’ve all made inspired by seed pods… follow the links below.

(I’ll be away as this post is published, so I’ll be round to visit everyone as soon as I’m home)


Guest Artists:















Art Elements Team: 














20 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme Challenge – Seed Pods

  1. What a pretty mug!n How cool is it to be able to use your own design to decorate a mug! I love it!

  2. I love your mug!!! The details are so delicate and clean. The blue on white makes me think of antique china tea sets. I appreciate seeing some of your process as well!! I love seeing how things are made and tend to over share in my blog posts but I enjoy SO much seeing other peoples process so thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I do not miss those days when the schools try to cram every last thing into the last two weeks of school! But even with your time limits, you made a gorgeous mug! I’ll look forward to your post to see your process!

  4. I love how your mug turned out! I am impressed you got to create anything at all with clay, I mostly don’t come even close! I also love your sketches, the water colour one is a little piece of art by itself 🙂

  5. I love the simplicity of this mug. It’s beautiful. I don’t have kids’ school things to contend with, but I nevertheless share your miffed-ness at not ever seeming to have enough time to play with ideas. To be fair though, I probably have more ideas for projects than any one person could accomplish in a lifetime of having nothing else to do.

  6. Love them 😀 I do love your mugs, I might have to pop ‘up’ for a cuppa and test them out 😉

  7. Well, I have to say that in spite of your limited time, your mug is just perfect! Cobalt is one of my fave colors. Yep, all creatives have the same woes about ideas and time constraints.

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