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Component of the Month Reveal May

This month’s host for the Component of the Month challenge is the lovely Lesley Watt. Lesley creates in clay (amongst other mediums) and offered these gorgeous shell pendants and cabs for us to design with. You can see more of Lesley’s clay work as well as her jewellery at http://www.lesleywatt.com


I received this gorgeous little cab to work with.

I started off as I usually do, having a root around for something to add to create a design. I knew I wanted to bezel the cab, but wasn’t sure what I’d create. I came across one of Lesley’s earlier designs, a half moon shaped bar in the perfect colours to match the cab. Upside down, it made a perfect frame.

I added a single row of seed beads around the cab (ignore the white backing I need to sort that!) And sewed some jump rings on, before backing it with suede. 

I wrapped the ceramic bar with bronze wire which was patinated and added drops with mookaite and bronze daggers.

The chain part was made with suede and bronzed beads, I’ve not got as far as adding a clasp.

I think it turned out with quite a tribal feel. I did wonder if it needed more daggers at the base of the cab, but I’ll have a think about that while I find a clasp!

Big thanks to Lesley for a brilliant challenge, I’ve had fun working with my cab!

If you’d like to see what the rest of the team, plus guests created with their components, follow the links 🙂 


Art Elements team
Caroline Dewison  << You are here 🙂 

14 thoughts on “Component of the Month Reveal May

  1. Love what you’ve done with the cab Caroline and thought it had a very Shamanic vibe to it too – very original. Thanks for taking part :0)

  2. LOVE the tribal feel of this piece! Looks like an ancient relic worn by a Shaman or Medicine Woman. I don’t think it needs more daggers under Lesley’s cab, one is just perfect. I also love that ceramic crescent piece you hung everything from-is that one of yours?

  3. Love the tribal feel to this Caroline… I think it looks just fine as it is…. no need for more daggers, that’s just my opinion! Maybe one of those sliding knots would be more suited to finish it instead of a clasp… could be more in keeping astetically!

    E x

  4. I like the three daggers. It has a great balance. Thats a wicked cool design using the inverted crescent. And the amber? beads play so well with the glaze pools!

  5. What a smart and unique use for that moon! Definitely a tribal feel to it with the daggers and the leather. A statement piece for sure!

  6. Ooh, yes, definitely tribal or shamanistic! Ancient symbolism at work in this piece Love!

  7. What a stunning tribal feeling piece! I love how you used the moon as a frame and how you used the wire to attach the cab to the moon, and the red bead is a wonderful pop of colour, just perfect and I don’t think I would worry about a clasp I would leave it as a tie up necklace!!!

  8. This is a really well put together assemblage of different interesting pieces – love the mixture of colours and textures, spot on 🙂

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