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Component of the Month – November

I’m very excited today as it’s the reveal of my component of the month for the Art Jewellery Elements Blog.

AJE Team members and special guests were given either one of my new Lichen pendants or cabochons and I really can’t wait to see what everyone’s done with them.


I chose a cabochon for myself, but my excitement quickly turned to dread… I make all sorts of components, but never make any jewellery, or ever really consider what to do with them… I was stumped. For a couple of weeks I sat and looked at it wondering what on earth I should make.


I love the texture of the cabochon, I carried out around 50 tests to get the glazes just as I wanted them, looking like stone and crusty lichens and I decided I wanted to reflect this in the design. I had a woodland palette in mind, something natural echoing the colours of the cab with an organic finish. I wanted it to look as though it had grown rather than been created by hand.

First the ‘chain’ part was created by rolling a long length of deep purple merino wool with hot water and soap to create a long snake. I then laid the rest of the design over the top of it using more merino and curly wool, some really colourful wool nepps, and wet felted everything together.


After drying, the cabochon was glued down and bezelled to hold it in place.


I added some little accents of beads to complete the design. As usual, I wanted to add all the beads, but I decided to keep it subtle and I love the results.


As my ideas came too late, I didn’t have time to finish it, but I’m going to make some cord ends with etched copper pipe. The felted ends of the necklace will be inserted into them with a loop to attach a clasp.


And now for the exciting part, I hope you’ll join me in the blog hop to see what everyone else has made! Follow the links below…




14 thoughts on “Component of the Month – November

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing piece of art jewellery and really works the lichen theme beautifully. Great work.

  2. Welln this is. A stunning finished piece. A work of art. The felting is beautiful and compliments the cab. The colors are perfect together. A gorgeous piece.

  3. OH…MY….GOSH! I LOVE IT! Just wow! The felting is amazing, the colours are stunning, it looks so organic and as tho it should be worn by some magical woodland fairy! Your accent beads are spot on and just OMG WOW!

  4. I have to say just wow as well! Can’t believe you “don’t make jewelry” – what an amazing piece of art, as Lesley said! Don’t know how you do all you do!

  5. SPOT ON FABULOUS! Love the texture, colors. True art piece.

    All the lichen end products are so creative.
    It’s always so inspiring AND enertaining to view another reveal event.
    Perhaps someday I toss my pliers in the ring and take a chance…

  6. Wow – I absolutely love your focals and the design with fiber is really beautiful. Well done!

  7. This necklace is amazing! I love it. I also love your lichen pendants. They look wonderful in every single creation.

  8. What a show stopper! The necklace is just as original and amazing as the focals are. This just takes my breath away! Thank you for sharing your lichen focals with us. It was a privilege to design with.

  9. The dryad in me wants to wear this and frolic in the woods. It is Simply. stunning. Very much looks grown, organic. Yummy palette. wow. wow. w0w.

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