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Component of the month reveal – August

This month, it’s my turn to host the component of the month challenge and I provided the Art Elements Team and guests with a set of my galaxy beads. Today, I’m sharing two posts in one, one for myself and one for our guest Cheryl Zink. 

First up is Cheryl’s creation. Cheryl says….

I decided to carry out the star moon theme with your lovely beads.

For the neclace, I hand wired the focal onto a hand patinaed grouping of rings with a czech glass and tin head pin from Sasha Crow with resin sparkle beads and dangling blackened brass half moons.

I continued theme with earring beads using a thick gauge blackened copper wire, brass discs and blackened brass half moons.

I’m sure you’ll agree Cheryl did a wonderful job with her components… I’m in love with the blackened moons!



And now for my design. I found it a bit of a struggle working with my own components. I never do anything with them myself and don’t really consider what they’ll become when I make them. So while at the Stourbridge bead fair, I searched team mate Lesley Watt’s stall for a ceramic piece to compliment my galaxies. I found a beautiful moth connector and it became part of my Luna Moth necklace.

The starry galaxy bead was wire wrapped in to a pendant along with one of the smaller rounds, a brass bead cap and a ring, a couple of lamp work beads and some Czech glass. This was finished off with a tiny hematite star at the bottom. 

The necklace was made from crimped tiger tail with purple hematite beads and stars and mixed seed beads. I’m not sure if the pendant section is too large for the moth, but I love the combination of colours together!

I hope you’ll join me in the blog hop to see what everyone else made with their galaxy beads. Follow the links below….



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11 thoughts on “Component of the month reveal – August

  1. Cheryl, has as always created a wonderful piece with your beads. Caroline your finished piece is lovely… and I loved Lesley’s table at the weekend too!

  2. Oh Wow! Love the fact that Cheryl decided to make earrings out of the 2 matching beads. Her designs are very creative.
    And your necklace Caroline-gorgeous! I love the combo of beads hanging from your blue moth- Brilliant! I also love that you used the purple beads in the necklace. It really enhances the purplish color of the smaller beads in the bead set. Thanks for the beautiful bead set;-)

  3. I love the way Cheryl used the star bead very original and those earring are lovely! I also love your necklace and how the whole piece flows with the stars through out the necklace and the purple complimenting the bead! Beautiful work!

  4. Love the constellation effect of Cheryl’s piece and Caroline your necklace is just lovely…such a gorgeous mix of blues and purples…my moth looks very at home there.

  5. Beautiful Cheryl! Thank you so much for playing with us! Caroline, as usual I wish I could wear your necklace tomorrow. I need to check out Lesley’s buggy pieces apparently…

  6. All the pieces are gorgeous! I love the “planetarium” necklace from Cheryl and how the little moons hang “below” the galaxy in the earrings! And Caroline, I love the Luna moths necklace, especially how you combined all the beads below the galaxy, like nightskies and planets and everything else combined! 🙂

  7. Cheryl, I love how you wired the beads into the three circles – beautiful work!
    Caroline, I love that necklace – I think the beaded “body” are fine oversize…it gives it an elegant whimsy!

  8. Great job Caroline, I know what you mean about doing something with your own components, sometimes it’s hard but you did awesome! And nice job Cheryl – I like the circle component you used! Thanks Caroline for the gorgeous ceramic beads!

  9. Cheryl – I like the circular frames – they are like orbits of the heavenly bodies from star maps. Glad you could join us! Caroline – these beads are so gorgeous. I am super super sad I missed this month. Your piece is cool! The various shapes on the chain are so pretty – little texture, little sparkle. Love it all. Wish I could have shopped your bead fair!

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