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Component of the Month Reveal – July

Is it me or is time running away this year? It’s another month already and time for another reveal for our Art Elements component challenge. This month, components were provided by Susan Kennedy of Suebeads. We each received one of these gorgeous scarabs. I received a stunning etched turquoise green one which as usual I forgot to photograph before I started!

It’s such a pretty delicate colour, I decided to try and do something in keeping with that, rather than my usual pile it on style. So I grabbed a roll of fine silver I’ve been wanting to try out chain making with. Fine silver can be fused rather than soldered and I’ve been wanting to have a go at making my own links for a while, so I created the connectors by fusing a large jump ring, (a lot harder than it sounds!) and twisting them to make links. They were connected together with wire wrapped lilac seed beads.

The chain could do with a tumble to neaten it up a bit, but I didn’t have time before photographing, but still I think it looks pretty good and I’m pleased with my first attempt at fusing silver.

A couple of the longer links with some star charms finished off the design… It makes me think of fireflies!
Big thank you to Sue for a gorgeous component to work with, and if you’d like to see what the rest of the team plus guests made with their scarabs, follow the links below….




Deb Fortin

Lennis Carrier

Barb Fernald


AE Team












15 thoughts on “Component of the Month Reveal – July

  1. This month component is really with a lot of unexpected inspirations for me… be it how people combined the scarab with really bright colours (but it works!) or like you, combining it with a really delicate chain. But your necklace turned out so lovely (and I think it is great to see so many perspectives I would never have thought of)! 🙂

  2. This is simply lovely. that delicate colour of the beads creates a lovely contrast to the colour of the scarab bead. Also, that chain is amazing. I tried to make something similar once . I got four links made and decided I didn’t like it that much to try to make a whole chains worth. It was hard to do. Kudos to you for finishing your first attempt. I like the unfinished non-polished look it has now, well suited to the etched finish of your scarab bead. the starry dangles are a perfect finishing touch.

  3. I love how you combined Sue’s lovely colored scarb with those lavender seed beads! That color combo is so perfect. But that CHAIN!!! Oh my, I just love the look of that. I need to try fusing silver, it’s the perfect touch for this necklace.

  4. Wow! The color combo of Sue’s bead with the light lavender is perfect! I never would have thought of that and it works so well. I love your handmade links, too. I imagine that the twisting would work- harden the silver, making the fine silver into strong links. Well done!

  5. Never thought of fusing silver, very interesting. I love the chain links they give just the right amount of detail to the scarab bead. Great colours too.

  6. Love the delicacy of your chain…fusing sounds like it should be easy but I agree – it’s not! Such a pretty finished piece.

  7. I love that color combination! I love that the delicacy of each component really makes the beetle stand out, but at the same time the focal doesn’t overwhelm each intricate part either.

  8. I agree with a lot of what was said… I especially like the delicate scale of the chain as it focuses the attention to the scarab pendant. Vibrant palette! Are you going to patina?

  9. I can’t decide! I might try some of the left over links before I commit, I quite like the fine silver colour, but I do love a patina!

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