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Component of the month reveal – April

This month we were treated by our lovely leader Jen to one of her gorgeous lamp work beads. They make me think of aurora and the beautiful starry skies of Van Gogh. There’s so much happening in these little nuggets, they’re full of sparkle and colour.

I decided from the beginning it was going to be turned in to something for me. I don’t tend to wear much jewellery, I’m usually up to my ears in clay so everything gets ruined, but when I do, I like to keep it simple, so I decided it would make a great wrap bracelet.

I kept the surrounding bead colours fairly dark to make sure the focus stayed on the central wrap. 

And tried to reflect the gorgeous colours from the focal, with a little added sparkle around the central wrap with some of my other favourite hoarded beads. 

I’m going to wear this lots! 

Thanks to Jen for a beautiful component to work with. I’m looking forward to showing this off when I’m not covered in mud!

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14 thoughts on “Component of the month reveal – April

  1. Looks great Caroline – great selection of beads to show off Jens focal…I’d wear it a lot too.

  2. YES. Id wear that every day not in the clay studio! Lovely!!! Im seeing a double strand through the bead? Maybe a tut in the future? I have some hoarded beads….

  3. I love that you made something for you (I can not part with my bead either) and what a great design, the colours are beautiful!

  4. Really cool! I love that multi-wrap effect. I’m sure you’ll get tons of wear from that beauty!

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