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March Theme Challenge – Hares

It’s been quiet on here for a while, I missed my usual monthly COM blog post using Melissa’s gorgeous metal clay components thanks to our rubbish postal service. But they did turn up eventually, so keep an eye out for a future post using those!

This month, we decided to change it up a bit and rather than sending each member a component to work with, we all created our own designs with a theme – Hares! You might have noticed that I’m a little bit obsessed with these wonderful creatures, so making something with this topic wasn’t ever going to be a problem!


And the great thing about this challenge is that everyone can join in using their own medium. There were no set rules to what you could do… just create hares!

I got a little bit carried away with raku firing and experimenting with masking glazes – here are some of my favourites…


This one is bare raku clay with the design masked and glazed in a rusty colour. I love the halo effect this glaze creates and the specks of grog in the clay could be stars!


Another using the same technique on a pendant.


This one was fired with the hare masked and then later decorated with copper lustre. The hare wasn’t dark enough for my liking, so it was coloured with Indian ink for a better contrast.


Another using the same technique, but with church like trees stretching through the design.


And these are a work in progress. testing screen printing with my own drawings.


And for the reveal today, I decided to do something completely different….


I’ve wanted a hare ring for a long time, but never found exactly what I was looking for that wasn’t an absolute fortune. So having a perfect excuse to make one, I ordered some silver. The band is made from 2mm sheet, etched with a tree design, and the running hare is cut from 0.5mm sheet and sweat soldered on to the band.


Originally, it was going to include a 3mm moonstone cabochon, but after trying the stone in place, it looked a bit too much. I think it’s perfect just as it is and haven’t taken it off since I finished it!

Thanks for reading, and to see what the rest of the team and our lovely guests have created… follow the links for the Hop!


AJE Team
Caroline << You are here 🙂
Heather – Hidden Ridge Studio
Karin Grosset Grange – Ginko et Coquelicot
Michelle McEnroe ( 4 pieces pinned on  the AJE Pinterest page)



15 thoughts on “March Theme Challenge – Hares

  1. Lovely Caroline, I want them all!!! Am saving my pennies for Flame Off where I shall enjoy seeing those gorgeous creations of yours in the flesh. Love the ring, you are truly multitalented. Keren

  2. Wow what fantastic beads you have created I love them all especially the first on with the halo effect but I really couldn’t choose a favourite. Your ring is beautiful I have never thought about a Hare ring and it works so beautifully now I will want one too!

  3. Beautiful beads…you’re really on a roll at the moment and the ring is just perfect.

  4. Your beads and focals are wonderful. I think the pendant with the boxing hares is my favorite. But that purple bead with the touch of copper is pretty amazing. And the blue bead. And the ones with the trees. Love them all. The ring is perfection. I don’t know what it would have looked like with the stone, but it doesn’t look like it needs anything added. Gorgeous.

  5. First off – I am happy to have company in the obsessed with hares category. From one clay person to another – I am crazy impressed and in love with the level of detail you get in your raku beads. Raku can be temperamental and you make it look flawless. I appreciate the simplicity of the silhouettes, as I often go a little overboard in detail. Your ring is perfect! I wouldn’t take it off either! And etching silver.. thats true chemical alchemy. Yikes. Wear it well!

  6. Beautiful love the ring too, love rabbits glad to be part of the challenge too.

  7. Your beads are fabulous and I’m lucky to have some of them! You made a wonderful ring, it looks like a magic ring!

  8. What beautiful work, I love them all but I think my favourite has to be the one decorated with copper lustre…the colours are stunning. And the ring is gorgeous!

  9. Wow where to begin? I love your beads, the colours and textures you have managed to achieve are amazing! I think the first one is my favourite there is some thing very other worldly about him! And that ring, what a stunner! Truly a multi talented artist!

  10. Oooo, I love the little hare running ‘full out’ through the woods…your design makes me think how fast these little guys are, how they can leap and run and ‘spring’ about! Your ring is beautiful!…it’s perfect.

  11. Well I guess you can tell that I loved your hares! Hope you liked what I designed with them. Thanks for the fun! I need more bunnies!

  12. I love all your hare beads. They are now on my list of “beads I want”. It’s a long list! 🙂 Your ring is amazing! How wonderful to be able to make just what you want!

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