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Rebirth of the Sun

It seems to have been dark forever, so I’ve really enjoyed taking part in Lesley’s Winter AJE theme challenge – The Rebirth of the Sun… thinking about brighter days coming has really cheered me up!

Earlier in December, I created some pendants…



But for the reveal I decided I would like to try something other than jewellery or components.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking for inspiration and reading through winter solstice stories and it’s fascinating to see how the different cultures interpreted the changes in light. My favourite story and the one I chose to portray is the tale of The Raven and the Sun from the Tsimshian Tribe. Here’s an abbreviated version…

Once the sky had no day. When the sky was clear there was some light from the stars but when it was cloudy it was very dark. Raven had put fish in the rivers and fruit trees in the land but he was saddened by the darkness. The Sun at that time was kept in a box by a chief in the sky. The Raven came to a hole in the sky and went through. He came to a spring where the chief’s daughter would fetch water. He changed himself into a cedar seed and floated on the water. When the girl drank from spring she swallowed the seed without noticing and became pregnant. A boy child was born which was really Raven. As a toddler he begged to play with the yellow ball that grandfather kept in a box. He was allowed to play with the Sun and when the chief looked away he turned back into Raven and flew back through the hole in the sky.                                                          http://solar-center.stanford.edu/folklore/raven-and-sun.html

And here’s my interpretation of the story…


The box is hand built from raku clay and smoke fired. Raven sits on top of the box in his true form.


And inside the box is the sun…


The glowing inner was created with copper leaf. I did want to use gold leaf, but couldn’t get hold of any in time. I still think the copper gives it a lovely warm glow, and I love the contrast against the smokey dark clay.


Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to see what the rest of the team and guests have made for the challenge, follow the links below 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Rebirth of the Sun

  1. Great interpretation Caroline and the sun really does burst out of that little box when you take the lid off!

  2. Wow! The box is an amazing interpretation of that story. I think copper leaf ended up better than the gold would have looked. It’s got the perfect fire-red glow. Spectacular design.

  3. I just love the copper leaf. It is perfect for the glow of the sun. Thanks for sharing the story and art piece.

  4. Wow – I love the color of the interior of the box – it really does feel like there is sunshine inside. I love the contrast between the outside and inside. I also love the pendant!

  5. Caroline, I love your pendents, they are as always beautifully designed and wonderfully made, and then there is the magic that is that little box! I love your interpretation of the story, I can only imagine the work that hand building it must have taken but you have done so amazingly and the Raven design is adorable and then there is the secret that is hidden inside! I really like the warmth of the copper and I am always left amazed at your stunning designs!

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