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September Theme Reveal – Foliage

Another month has flown by so quickly and it’s time for the Art Elements Theme reveal. This month it’s my pleasure to be hosting the challenge.

For September I chose the theme of Foliage, one of my favourite things. I really do love love greenery, leaves, and plants.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll have seen that next weekend I’m taking the leap to exhibiting some of my work at the Miniature Show at the Birmingham NEC. It’s bigger than anything I’ve done before and I’m a bit nervous, but nothing ventured!

I decided I’d do a bit of multi tasking and make something small to take along with me.

I laser cut leaves from cartridge paper, glued with tacky glue on to wire and painted and sealed with polymer varnish.

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty lately as I’ve abandoned my ceramics, so thought it would be a good opportunity to get back to it and throw something to plant them in. I really enjoy making tiny pots on my wheel, these ones have all been raku fired with different glazes, before planting the foliage in fine gravel to make some really snazzy house plants. I’m terrible at looking after plants, other than my orchids which seem to thrive on neglect, so it was fun to create this everlasting miniature versions of plants I’d love to be able to keep alive!

Cheese plants are one of my favourites. We used to have a giant one taking over the living room! They’re probably quite retro now, but I think they should make a comeback!

I’m not sure what these next plants are, but I found them on an image search and liked the way the straight stems held the big spade shaped leaves pointing straight up. I decided they looked good in taller pots to give them some height.

And finally, I created some peace lilies. I do have one of these in my house that’s survived for a few months now so there is hope!

I’ve had fun creating these miniatures, and can’t wait to see what others have made to take part in the challenge. I hope you’ll join me for the blog hop. Follow the links below 🙂

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23 thoughts on “September Theme Reveal – Foliage

  1. Now these would be the perfect plants for me!
    I don’t have any plants at home because of one cat in particular and even more my inability to not kill a plant within five minutes.
    And I love miniatures. Those little pots! So cute!!

  2. So stinking awesome! I can’t imagine laser cutting all those tiny leaves, but you rocked that for sure. And, they really all do look like their larger selves. You are a real master at anything you try. It’s inspiring to the nth degree! Best wishes at the miniature show!!!

  3. Hi Caroline. Thanks so much for doing this great blog theme event. I love your idea of filling your own thrown pots. It seems so fitting to make a pot and fill it with art. I have been doing that to some extent myself since I can’t really see the point of making a pot that has its use determined elsewhere. I also and so excited for you to be in the miniature show; I am sure all your pieces are fabulous. Wishing you the very best.

  4. I’ve been following your miniatures on IG and they are always so wonderful – I love these plants! Good luck at the show!

  5. Oh! You’ve created a perfect miniature garden! I wish I could shrink myself so that I could walk among your beautiful pots and gorgeous plants. That is really lovely. Best wishes to you for a hugely successful miniature show – I’m sure you and your work will be a smash hit!

    And, thank you for choosing such a perfect theme for this month’s challenge. It was a real help to me in making me feel confident enough to participate for the first time.

  6. Best wishes for your show! I’m sure your fab minis will have tons of success. Did you THROW those mini pots on the wheel? I assumed they were finger-formed.

  7. Your leaves are wonderful. I love that you made them from paper. I will have to give that a try. Thank you for a challenge that captured the imagination of so many.

  8. Oh Carolyn, these tiny plants in your handmade planters are SO perfect! I hope you are able to take photos at the show – because I bet it is going to be outstanding! Thanks for picking such a fun theme!

  9. I wish I could keep orchids alive. This was a great theme – and could inspire for years! I love your miniatures and like watching videos on your channel! I hope the show is fantastic!

  10. I have been loving all your miniatures! These little green plants are so detailed and perfect in their little raku pots. The ‘cheese’ plants are definitely my favorite but they’re all stupendous. Hope your show is fantastic. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  11. Oh my goodness… I just love all these miniature potted plants! They are all fabulous and I kept thinking each new one was my favorite. Best of the luck with the miniature show… you’ll knock their socks off I’m sure.

  12. These are just adorable Caroline – you’ve really found your niche here…hope the show is brilliant for you. Oh and I had a giant Swiss cheese plant too – definitely an icon of the era.

  13. OMG how adorable! (Reminder: I need to google cheese plant) What a great idea! I will certainly look back to your posts about your miniature show, the top photo has me intrigued! Good Luck to you on your show and Thank You for hosting this month! What a great turn out from all us guests, perfect theme at the perfect time!

  14. Your miniatures are adorable. I love them and I wish I could make some for my desk at work. The Cheese plants have been in trend for a while now. Still they are my favourite of yours in this post.

  15. Your miniature plants are so cute, Caroline! And the pots are perfect for them. That’s quite the garden you’ve made there, just the thing for people with no green thumb. 🙂
    And thank you for the inspiring challenge. It’s refreshing to see what everyone has created.

  16. Your miniatures are adorable! I ove the little pots and tiny foliage. The peace lily is amazing.

  17. These are absolutely enchanting Caroline! I love the pots you made to house the plants in as well. And the first photo with all those tiny leaves made my heart skip a beat – it was lovely. You have such a beautiful aesthetic and I always look forward to seeing what you create.

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